Our Birth Story

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Finally — here’s our birth story…

Tuesday February 11, 2014

9:00 AM – Brian and I slept in! It was a great way to start our last day as just a married couple. We relaxed in bed for way too long – reading, playing on our phones, just enjoying the freedom of not having anything to do.

When we eventually got up, showered and dressed, we watched Jeopardy and did some last minute cleaning. Brian even baked two loaves of banana bread while I impatiently bounced on the exercise ball.

We were going to go to a movie, but after several Facebook comments, we decided to forego the movie and instead took a nice long nap. After our nap, we went into town.

Before heading to the hospital for the induction, we stopped and got haircuts, then went to Texas Roadhouse for a delicious dinner! We even had time to stop at Caribou Coffee for some drinks!

6:30 PM – We arrived at the hospital. Since we had already completed our pre-registration, we headed right to the birthing center and got the induction started!


They had to start an IV. I was so apprehensive about it. And I had a good reason to be! The nurse was struggling to find a good vein and had to try in BOTH hands before getting it – and when she did get it, it HURT like crazy. I kind of wanted to throw up.

I was really disappointed that I had to be hooked up to the monitors after they placed the pill. I was noticing that the contractions were starting to pick up in intensity and frequency. My parents and sister stopped by to visit and see how things were going. At this point, we knew nothing would happen until the next day, but it was nice to have company to keep us occupied.

When they left, I decided I wanted to walk around for a while. So they hooked me up to some wireless monitors and let me walk around the birthing center a few times. Unfortunately, the wireless monitors didn’t do a great job staying on the baby and picking up her heart rate. So back to the bed it was…

Brian and I spent the next hour or so watching the Olympics until we decided we were tired enough to try to sleep for a while.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

1:30 AM – I woke up with the most intense contractions so far in the labor process. (Looking back, they were NOTHING!) It was about that time the nurse came in to check me – I wasn’t too dilated or effaced, so she inserted another pill. She told me I should probably try to eat some toast. I willingly ate my pregnancy staple breakfast: peanut butter toast. Brian was snoozing away as I ate and worked through what I thought were “painful” contractions.

6:00 AM – The nurses checked me again, I’d dilated to about 3 or 4. Brian woke up and we walked around a bit and Brian had some coffee. My mom and sister came in and we chatted for a bit. It was an early morning… I never thought the day would last another 15 hours!

8:00 AM – Dr. Kenna came in and broke my waters. I was about 4-5 centimeters by this point. Once my waters were broken, things escalated very, very quickly. Luckily, my birthing coach, best friend, and father of my baby, Brian was right by my side. He was a super star helping me to breathe through increasingly longer and harder contractions.

9:00 AM – I decided it was time to try relaxing in the whirlpool for a while. The contractions were low and hard and I was really struggling to calm down. The tub helped for a little while, giving me a rest while Brian chatted with his parents and sisters who came for the big event. I had a student nurse in with me during the day, and she was an amazing help during this time. She, Brian, and my mom kept reassuring me that I could do this. It was great to have the encouragement.

10:30 AM – I caved. I kept saying “I don’t have to be a superhero, I don’t have to be a superhero.” I knew I was already getting tired. Our original plan had been to wait to get the epidural until I was completely dilated and effaced. But, after talking with Brian and my nurses, we decided that it was time. I think I could have held out longer, but they wouldn’t let me walk or bounce on the ball because they needed to keep the baby hooked up to the monitors, and as she was throughout the whole pregnancy… she wasn’t cooperating unless I was laying down. So, the nurses called the anesthesiologist and we got the party started.

Okay, this is where the timeline gets really, really fuzzy for me… so no times until we get to the big event!

They had a student anesthesiologist insert the epidural. It took her several tries, and finally the doctor went ahead and did it. As soon as they got it placed, I started feeling really weird. Next thing I know, I’m on oxygen, lying flat, and they’re pumping me full of something through my iv, and making comments about how the baby was doing. Apparently, the epidural went ‘up’ and was causing problems. We eventually got it all straightened out without any problems with baby.

I was finally able to sleep. And rest. During this time, Brian’s parents and sisters, my parents and sister, and Tiffany came in to visit and left to eat lunch. (Someone was sweet and always stayed with me…)

At one point, during my half sleep phases, I awoke frantically because I was certain I had started singing “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel.” They laughed and assured me I hadn’t sung it out loud, but I know for a fact it was on a loop in my head for some unknown reason.

While I was finally able to relax and rest, little baby girl was starting to struggle. She was showing decels AFTER contractions – not during contractions, which was causing concern for the nurses, Dr. Kenna, and the anesthesiologist (who kept checking in on me during the afternoon). Added to the fact that I was stuck between 8 and 9 cm, Dr. Kenna had the discussion with us that we should maybe think about the possibility of a c-section.

This is where I lost it. I completely broke down. I felt like if I had a cesarean, I would be a failure. I was a mess. I expressed my concerns about c-section: being a failure, difficult recovery, recurrent c-sections with future pregnancies. So Dr. Kenna said she would give me 30 minutes to labor on my own, then we’d re-evaluate.

Now, at some point, the epidural had started to wear off, and the anesthesiologist had adjusted the levels, but it was just not sticking anymore. So, in addition to the pitocin contractions, and the lack of epidural, I was laboring completely on my own. It was seriously, the most intense sensations I had ever felt. Painful doesn’t even begin to describe it – it was just intense. I made everyone except Brian and my mom leave the room.

With one of them on each side of me, I found my center and worked through the contractions – lots of breathing, lots of ice, lots of cool rags. I completely blocked out everything else and just worked on letting my body try to get where it needed to be.

Until I just couldn’t anymore. I was exhausted… tired in a way I will never feel again… All of my fears about c-section were gone. When Dr. Kenna told me that I wasn’t fully effaced yet, and that she didn’t really think I would be able to get there without putting the baby under too much stress, I agreed. I agreed that c-section was the best option.

They gave Brian scrubs, and prepared me for surgery. It took a lot longer to get me into surgery than I thought it would. Eventually, they wheeled me back to surgery – through a hallway of all my supporters and the people who love me, Brian, and this little baby more than anything. The nurses had Brian wait in the wings while they inserted the spinal block.

The anesthesiologist got right to work, and next thing I know, they’re laying me down and I’m already feeling the spinal block take effect. Then I make a comment that it’s starting to get difficult to breath. Yep, it’s really hard to breath. I … can’t… breath. And things went dark.

Brian said that a nurse came out and didn’t tell him very much but said that he could wait in the waiting room. A lot of confusion followed for him until someone came out and told him that his daughter had been born.

9:15 PM – A precious little 7 lb, 3 oz, 21” baby entered this world. She was face up when Dr. Kenna pulled her out of my womb, smiling with her bright eyes, ready to face the world. She also had a knot in her cord – something my doctor hadn’t seen often. Some of her stats were low, so they put her on oxygen for a bit.

They took her back to our room and Brian got to meet his daughter. He was able to feed her a bottle, and hold her. He was very protective of her and wouldn’t let anyone else hold her until I had gotten to see her.

I woke up in the recovery room, with my mom, doctor, and favorite nurse surrounding me and taking care of me. I asked each of them if I was really alive, and they all laughingly assured me that I was. And that I was the mother to a sweet baby girl.

As soon as the crazy shivering stopped, they took me back to my room, and there she was… this precious little girl in her daddy’s arms.

I was able to hold her and coo over her. While the nurses, Tiffany, and my mom were all taking pictures and talking, I whispered into her ear that I knew this baby’s name. Brian agreed that it was perfect. We held off telling anyone until the next morning when everyone could be there.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The next morning when I was feeling up to it, my family and Brian’s came in and we introduced our darling daughter:

Adelaide Kaye Moser


Before the family came in, I realized I had a headache that just wasn’t going away. Sure enough, after several hours, we had determined that I had a dreaded low pressure headache. I had one last February when I had my lumbar puncture done, so I knew how nasty they were. During the insertion of the epidural or the spinal block – or both, the little space where all the spinal fluid is was punctured. This led to a spinal fluid lead, which results in a headache that is eased by lying completely flat, but feels like death when elevated even a little bit.

I tried to tough it out for a while, but knew that the only solution was an epidural blood patch. That’s where they draw a bunch of blood, and inject into the epidural space. When it works, you feel IMMEDIATE relief!

I did, and was able to go about the rest of my Thursday enjoying my sweet precious little girl. She was passed around and loved on, she nursed like a champ, and I was able to slowly start to heal. While I wasn’t able to get around too well, I did take a few laps around the birthing center. Daddy was a superhero the first few days of Adelaide’s life – he changed pretty much all of her diapers and was diligent about bringing her to me when we needed to nurse.

Friday, February 14, 2014

            We celebrated Adelaide’s first Valentine’s Day still at the hospital. Brian went out and got red velvet cupcakes! My mom, dad, and sister came to the hospital to share in a little party! We had so much to celebrate, after all: My mom’s birthday (which is ALSO on February 12th!), Adelaide’s arrival, Valentine’s Day, and my parent’s anniversary (which is on the 16th).

When it was time for them to leave, I noticed that I was starting to get a headache. Because of my intracranial hypertension, we weren’t surprised that all of the events of the previous day were causing a headache. I rested as much as I could. The nurse’s even came in during the night and took Miss Adelaide for a walk and got her to sleep so that Brian and I could have a little break to just sleep.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Upon waking, it was clear to me that my headache was, in fact, another low pressure headache. So, I got another blood patch, while hoping and praying that this one would stick. (It didn’t – I was only headache free until Sunday morning. I was finally able to beat the headache by drinking an unbelievable amount of caffeine in the form of Dr. Pepper, iced tea, and 5-hour energy drinks.)

After the blood patch, we received our discharge papers and started gathering our things to go home! That evening, my parents picked us up and took us to our house and made us a lovely dinner. After some more snuggling on lovely Adelaide, they left us to try this whole parenting thing on our own.

That night went pretty smoothly, as have the last 8 weeks. We’ve had our rough spots, but overall, we feel like we have the hang of this parenting thing … at least for now!

39 week update

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Well, with any luck this will be my very last pregnancy update before we meet our little girl. I’m scheduled to be induced tomorrow evening. We are excited, overwhelmed, terrified, joyous, anxious… well, you get the idea! We’re a lot of different things all wrapped up into one.

Since my last update was 8 weeks ago, here are a series of pictures to show our progress… (The pictures start at 32 weeks and go to 39 weeks)

32 weeks33 weeks34 weeks35 weeks36 weeks37 weeks38 weeks39 weeks

Symptoms: The baby has dropped and that’s causing a lot of uncomfortableness. I’m tired with bursts of energy and ambition. I, like most pregnant women, need to stay close to a bathroom because I go soooo frequently! (I can’t wait to have my bladder to myself!) 

My blood pressure has been decent, as have my blood sugars. I’ve had a few headaches which have been bothersome, but manageable.

Cravings: Sweets. So many sweets. Candy, cookies, brownies… (and even indulging in these cravings, I have lost 2 lbs in the last week… sigh!)

Our Baby: Is awesome! She’s moving just as much as ever and is passing all of her non-stress tests with flying colors. 

At 35 weeks, we went in to the hospital for an ultrasound and she was measuring about 2 weeks ahead — which could have put us with a 9 1/2 lb baby. However, last week, my OB did another ultrasound and baby was measuring right on pace at about 7 lbs, 2 oz. With any luck, she’ll be closer to that when we deliver and won’t have to worry about having to do a c-section because of her size!

Next Appointment: Well, we’re scheduled for an induction TODAY, Tuesday February 11 at 6:30 PM CST. 

Best part of the week: Spending an inside weekend with my husband — our last weekend as a married couple without children. It was bittersweet. I’ll always treasure the 2 1/2 years we had to ourselves, but we’re both ready to open our hearts and home and let this baby girl in. Maybe it would be different if we were the type of people who went out a lot. But we live the kind of lifestyle that will handle having a little dependent person always hanging around. 🙂 I mean, shoot… we spent our last weekend doing things like cooking, baking, cleaning, watching movies, reading, and listening to good music. I think our baby will enjoy being a part of all of those activities!

We’ve also gotten a lot of work done in her nursery. It’s not done yet, but since she’ll be staying in our room for awhile, that’s OK. Here’s a picture of her crib area and her changing station. (Note: the clothes are in the crib because it’s been too cold to stain the dresser and put them in there!) I am absolutely in love with the alphabet wall! It turned out great!



Well, I guess that’s all I have for now. Hopefully the next update won’t be “oh man, they delayed the induction” and will be “HOORAY, She’s here!” 🙂

And then LIFE started happening…

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So, I’ve been starting posts for weeks. I’ll get partly through one and think of something I need to do and then a week will go by and everything I wrote will be out of date. So I start over, and then the same thing happens.


That, up there… that’s my point exactly. I started that on January 12. Now, It’s February 9.

My last pregnancy update on this lovely piece of interwebs was from 31 weeks. I’m now 38 weeks, 5 days. Blog fail, am I right?!

So what’s kept me so busy? (Well, busy and full of pregnancy brain, but the latter is self-explanatory.)

The Holidays – Christmas was great this year. We spent Christmas Eve in North Platte with the Moser family and Grandma Alyce. We spent late Christmas Eve/early Christmas Day in Mason City at our little house. And then the rest of Christmas Day in Dannebrog with the Stanton family. We were blessed to receive such thoughtful gifts for us and our little baby. And, I think we did a good job of giving gifts this year — that’s always been my favorite part. I don’t often mind when we don’t receive lists from those we need to shop for. It gives us a chance to really think about what we want to give our family members. I think we nailed it this year.

Then Brian and I rang in 2014 in our own subtle style. We splurged on shrimp and crab legs, made fruit pizza, and bruschetta. We watched a movie until almost midnight, then played Scrabble. At the stroke of midnight, we enjoyed a lovely glass of bubbly — no… not champagne… just some good ol’ sparkling grape juice. Then, we went to bed. Totally our style and a great way to spend our last moments of 2013 — one of the craziest years of our lives — and the first moments of 2014 — a year that has so much to offer!

School – School started back and Brian’s been getting ready for State Testing and reading novels and doing all sorts of awesome teacher-y things. I finished up subbing for the pre-school teacher while she was on maternity leave. My favorite quote from pre-school…

We were learning about the letter E. The letter e says eh, eh, eh, like an engine trying to go up a hill. One day, a little guy said to me, “Mrs. Moser! Mrs. Moser! Sometimes when you’re going to the bathroom and you have to poop, you say EH, EH, EH to help get it out!” I laughed so hard. It was great! Always good to know that our little ones are making school to life connections.

Speech – This has by far been the most time consuming part of the last month! We’re in full tournament swing. This was our only weekend off until mid-March-ish. Our little team is growing! We’re consistently taking 6-8 girls to tournaments. They are all doing great! We’ve come home with some medals and ribbons — but most importantly, our ladies make improvement every week. Brian and I will be missing the next tournament, but I have faith our girls will be just fine! But, secretly, I’ll miss them. I love to watch their confidence grow from week to week. Our varsity members are doing a great job of coaching, supporting, and helping our freshmen members. I have a feeling that next year, our team will be so great!!! And the rest of this year, I see a lot of success for everyone!

Baby – We had three baby showers. One with family, one with friends, and one with the lady teachers at school. We were blessed with so many awesome gifts for baby girl Moser. She’s going to be so loved! She has a ton of awesome clothes, hopefully enough diapers for at least a couple weeks, and SO MANY BOOKS!!! We are beyond excited to meet this little lady and let her meet all of the wonderful people who care about her!

Speaking of baby… tomorrow, I will post a 39 week update! So look forward to that!

31 week update

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30 weeks


This picture is from 30 weeks… this week’s picture is kind of blurry. 😦

Symptoms: Still just feeling pretty pregnant. 

Cravings: No strong cravings this week.

Our Baby: The doctor said our baby is sassy. She has always avoided the doppler at our appointments. The doctor thought it would be easier now that she’s getting bigger and running out of space. But alas, this little gal still squirms around. It makes it hard to hear the heartbeat for long, but the doctor eventually gets it! 

Next Appointment: Monday 12/23 with the regular OB, Saturday 1/4 with the high risk OB, and sometime in January with the neurologist.

Best part of the week: Realizing that there are specific parts of Lion King that really make baby move!

Making holiday treats with my mom, sister, family friend, and Brian.

Scheduling baby showers.

Making baby registries.

Oh, and buying a CRIB!!! 🙂 Yay!


Sorry this post is short and sweet. I’m having a very emotional pregnant day. As excited as I am for Christmas Break, I know that there is so much to do between now and February. The fact that we only have NINE weeks left just boggles my mind.

I’m having a day where I feel stressed about everything we need to accomplish — doctor’s appointments, baby classes, teaching, speech practice, speech tournaments, preparing the nursery, cleaning the house… the list goes on and on. So, I’m giving myself a day to be emotional. To cry when I need to. I mean come on — it’s a MONDAY! Tomorrow, I’ll put on my happy face and make a list and get stuff done… but for tonight, I’m curling up with a box of tissues and some of the Christmas goodies we made, and just relaxing my overwhelmed heart.

My newest pregnancy adventure…

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I’ve known about this for over a month. And it’s taken me that long to be okay enough with things to write about and share. But this is part of my first pregnancy, and something that I’m now fully accepting and most importantly, managing.

I have Gestational Diabetes.

Because I was at risk for GD – weight plus family history of diabetes – my OB wanted me to take an early glucose test at 20 weeks. So I drank the disgusting sugary drink, waited an hour, and had my blood drawn. The next day, my OB called back and said that my number was high — they like to see it under 130, I was 136.

That meant I had to take the 3-hour glucose test. Even more sugary drink, plus 3 blood draws – every hour, on the hour, for 3 hours… I was positive that I was going to ace that test and my doctor was going to feel foolish for even making me take it! But… I didn’t. My 1- and 2-hour blood draws showed elevated glucose levels. Not tremendously elevated, but enough so…

The next week, I had an appointment with a dietician and nurse educator who set me up with a glucose monitor and some great recommendations on how to manage this condition.

Writing about it now, I’m level-headed and accepting. At the time, I was a wreck. I bawled often and honestly saw myself as a failure. I would get into all the reasons why I felt like a failure and why I cried until all my tears had run out… but now, it’s not worth it.

Gestational Diabetes is simply my pregnant body reacting to how it absorbs insulin. It’s nothing that I could have prevented, and honestly, nothing to be ashamed of.

In fact, after meeting with the dietician, she felt pretty certain that if I continued to eat the way I was eating, I would be alright. And for the most part, I have been. I test my blood sugars 4 times a day. First thing in the morning, and then 2 hours after breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In my first 3 weeks of testing, I’ve found some super interesting data. For example, if I skip my morning snack, my after-lunch number will be high — even if I have a low-carb lunch. Also, mashed potatoes aren’t the best carb choice for me… mostly because who can eat only one serving of those delicious spuds??? Not normal me… and definitely not pregnant me…

All in all, with only minimal changes to my diet, plus adding in some extra walks, my glucose levels look fantastic! My nurse and doctor were both super impressed with my dedication to monitoring this diagnosis and my genuine concern for my baby.

Because GD isn’t about ME… it’s about my baby. If my pancreas can’t do it’s job, then baby gets the extra insulin, which makes her produce more urine, which increases amniotic fluid, which isn’t good! Not only that, but if left untreated, it can lead to very large, and sometimes sick, babies.

Will I have to be medicated? It turns out… yes. My fasting levels were slightly elevated for the last few weeks, despite any changes I made in my evening meal or nightly exercise. So, my doctor is starting me out on a very small dose of medication that should help. Because my fasting levels are only borderline high, my new thing to watch out for is my glucose levels tanking. So, I continue to monitor it carefully — knowing that being on medication doesn’t mean that I can indulge in the delicious carby, sugary things I’ve been craving.

Will I sometimes have high levels? Yep.  I test my blood sugar levels religiously, and try my hardest to stick to the carb recommendations from my dietician. But sometimes, I just have to have an extra serving of carbs at a meal. And that’s okay, especially if I make sure to walk afterwards. My doctor has reassured me that having GD doesn’t mean that I have to stop having anything my pregnant body craves, it just means I need to balance it out to make sure I maintain my blood sugar levels so they don’t drop and then spike.

So, I have gestational diabetes. That’s okay. I’m not a failure. It just means that I have to do some extra work to make sure my baby stays healthy. And I’ll do it, because the love I already feel for this little girl is unmeasurable. And from this day until the end of time, I will do what I have to do in order to protect her and keep her healthy.

26 Week Update

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Another week has gone by. This week, we celebrate an awesome milestone…


26 weeks cropped

Symptoms: I just feel gloriously pregnant. I am constantly adapting to my growing body. I’ve come to terms with the fact that it will be years before I can sleep through the night… and my body is learning to fall back asleep after late night bathroom trips — which is a relief!!! As I near the beginning of the 3rd trimester, I’m starting to realize that I’m not able to do everything I want to do. Sometimes, I have to slow things down and take some deep breaths. But overall, I’m loving this phase of my pregnancy. 

Cravings: Water. The other day, I drank 7 bottles of water! … and then was up even more in the middle of the night… 

Also, chocolate. And cheese. And peanut butter. (But not all together!)

Our Baby: We got to see our little lady last weekend. She is 1 lb, 11 oz. At our last high-risk OB appointment, they weren’t able to get clear images of her heart and spine. Luckily, this time she was not hiding behind my bellybutton and the tech was able to get great pictures of what she needed to see. Our little girl’s heart and spine are looking great! (Oh, and she confirmed again that this baby is a little girl… so that’s good!)

Baby is moving so much more now. The movements are getting stronger and stronger. I love feeling her wiggling around.

Next Appointment: We are officially into biweekly appointments with my OB. On Friday, we’ll get another chance to listen to baby’s heartbeat and an opportunity to discuss what information we found out from the high-risk OB. Basically, some of the concerns my OB had about my intracranial hypertension, the high-risk OB wasn’t concerned about… which is a relief for everyone!

Best part of the week: It’s been awhile since Brian was able to feel some really good movement. But on Sunday, he got to feel about three really good kicks. I love seeing how excited he gets about her…

Then the other day, I was working after school, and Brian walked in and started talking. I swear that as soon as she heard him, she started kicking.

I seriously can not wait for him to officially meet her in about 14 weeks!

25 week update

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I can not believe that we are already past 6 months. The in-laws gave me a precious sign for my birthday that helps us count down the days until baby. Get this: only 106 days… and 4 of those are major holidays! Everyone knows that from the beginning of November until after the first of the year time just FLIES by!

IMG_20131028_071248_519Here’s my 24 week bump picture.

Symptoms: This has been one of the most pregnant-feeling weeks of my pregnancy so far. My skin feels tight, I’m starting to feel some swelling in my hands/feet by the end of the day, my back and hips ache, and sleeping is uncomfortable. And ya know what??? I LOVE IT! Because in addition to those rather unfortunate symptoms, I also have some awesome ones… Baby is moving like crazy and I can literally feel a change in my bump when she’s in different positions. Sometimes she’s up really, really high and other times she’s low. It’s so cool to feel the changes.

Cravings: I can’t get enough peanut butter – I put it on my toast in the morning, on celery at lunch or for a snack… YUM! Also, Hershey miniatures – ya know, the fall assortment. Sure, it’s the same as it is all year round, but they just taste better. 

Our Baby: The craziest fact I read about baby this week is that she is developing her primitive memory – so she is starting to be able to recognize voices and sounds that she hears often. Since learning this fact, I’ve had Disney movies playing in the background whenever I can. Hopefully this little girl will come out of the womb recognizing my voice, Brian’s voice, probably some of our speech kiddos’ voices, Stripey and Rollie’s crows, and Little Mermaid and Lion King. 🙂

Next Appointment: We had our 24 week appointment on Halloween — and it went really well. Baby was finally willing to cooperate with the doctor’s doppler and we heard her steady heartbeat — 150 bpm. 

Our next appointment is on Saturday with the high-risk OB. She will do another ultrasound to look at baby’s spine and heart again. We’ll also discuss what she thinks about my intracranial hypertension.

Best part of the week:  The weekend before last, I had a complete meltdown about how unprepared we are for this little girl to show up. We don’t have anything for her besides a few outfits and a lot of love. Brian and I don’t make big purchases before first researching the product we’re looking to get. Since we will need some important safety items for baby, we new it was even more important to put in our research.

So after hours of researching, we have finally decided which car seat to register for and what our dream stroller would be! What a relief!

Now we can begin researching cribs — as we want to purchase a crib that will function as a crib all the way through to a toddler bed. And all in all, we are feeling like 106 days may actually be enough time to prepare for this baby.


I have a few posts in the works right now, so hopefully it won’t be so long between posts. 🙂

It’s a…

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Well… I’ll just let the pictures do the talking. 🙂 (to our moms: PLEASE don’t kill us for posting these extremely flattering pictures. The reactions were priceless and your maybe-not-so-photogenic reactions will stay in my heart forever.)

Once we found out, we took cake balls to our family. The game was simple: bite in and see blue = boy, pink = girl.

Here’s my family’s reaction:



Brian’s family’s reaction:


To tell Brian’s youngest sister, we filled a cake with either pink or blue M&M’s. Here’s her reaction:


(BTW: the M&M cake could totally be a “pinterest fail” meme. I’ll post about that another day, though…)


SO… could you tell????

It’s a GIRL!!!


Oh, readers, let me tell you. When we saw our precious little girl on Saturday, my heart melted. Brian’s too. We were filled with an overwhelming, indescribable emotion. Our sweet baby girl weighs 1 lb 0 oz, has a four-chambered heart that is pumping blood, two working kidneys, and the most precious little arms and legs you’ve ever seen!

Here’s her sweet little profile.

2013-10-13 19.40.33

Her little hand. (Her other hand was chilling out behind her head — laying just like Mommy does!)

2013-10-13 19.42.03


And her little feet.

2013-10-13 19.43.56


We do have to go back at the beginning of November for a follow up ultrasound. They weren’t able to look at her spine, nor were they able to clearly see something on the heart that they usually check. Baby girl was just in an awkward position… hiding right behind my bellybutton! She is in the 53rd percentile right now, and is doing well. We’ll just check up on her to make sure there’s nothing to worry about.


Brian and I are OVER THE MOON about this. (But we had no preference and would feel the same way if it had been a boy…)

So…. HAPPY PRONOUN DAY!!! Brian, Baby Girl, and I can’t wait to see how the next 18 weeks… let alone 18 years unfold. Thank you for all of your love and support during this exciting time in our lives!

Gender Guesses

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Well, folks. Tomorrow is the big day. We have our 21 week ultrasound and should have an opportunity to find out the gender of this precious little baby.

While Brian and I truly have no preference as to baby boy or baby girl, we are just excited for this to seem even more real. (Plus, I can’t WAIT to shop for clothes and blankets and all those fun things!)

So today, we had our students and staff make their guesses. Up for grabs: A HErSHEy bar for one lucky person who guessed correctly!

IMG_20131011_130532_206The final tally was 19 for boy, 29 for girl. (Plus one punk who thought he could cheat the system by putting a half blue/half pink circle ON the line… Just to increase his odds to win the candy bar!)


SO… what’s your guess? Handsome baby boy Moser? Sweet baby girl Moser?

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Halfway done — 20 week update!


As of today, I’m 20 weeks, 1 day into this pregnancy. It was an awesome experience to go into my pregnancy app today and see that baby’s gestational age is 20 weeks, 1 day and the countdown to d-day is 19 weeks, 6 days!

I can not believe that I am halfway through this pregnancy. It seems like just yesterday we found out we were expecting. It felt like it took forever to get to the point where we could share our news with family and friends — those were a few weeks that took forever! But now… now I’m halfway there. In about 20 weeks, we’ll have a real-life little baby in our home. Mind blowing!!!

Symptoms: This has been the best week of my pregnancy so far! I’ve felt really good. I’ve had enough energy to get me through an entire day (although then I’m exhausted!) and I’ve been able to eat when I want to! And, I haven’t struggled with my allergies this week!

I still have times where I struggle with sleeping — it’s getting increasingly more difficult to find a comfortable sleeping spot. And that’s even after I made a huge u-shaped body pillow to snuggle up to! (I have a feeling that it’s only going to get worse for the next 20 weeks!) Another thing that’s bothersome — I’m constantly warm. I know it’s a standard pregnancy symptom, but I hate, hate, hate feeling warm! I would much rather be cold and have to warm up with blankets and sweaters.

Cravings: FOOD! On Saturday, I felt like I was going to cry if I didn’t have a donut. But mostly, I just feel hungry all. the. time! It’s a good thing that (besides donuts) I’ve been hungry for watermelon, cheese, yogurt, and garden veggies!

Our Baby: This baby likes to wiggle. I don’t feel hard kicks/jabs yet, but I do feel regular flutters that are getting stronger every day. 

Also, our favorite baby app told us that this week, our baby will be getting eyebrows and eyelashes. (To which Brian said, “Aww… those are going to be the cutest eyebrows and eyelashes ever!)

Until now, baby has been measured from head to rump, but now baby is going to be stretching out more and gets to be measured from head to foot! So when I say that my baby went from 6 inches to 10 inches, it’s not all growth, just a change in how baby gets measured! Baby is now the size of a banana! — a precious, adorable banana!

Next Appointment: Thursday, we go to the OB to have a check-up. I’m so excited to hear the baby’s heartbeat (which by the way is getting strong enough to be heard with just a stethoscope! … if only we had one)! Although people keep reassuring me that the glucose test isn’t horrible it’s still something I’m not really looking forward to.

Last week, we had the BEST appointment with my neurologist. My OB expressed some concern about how to proceed with the rest of my pregnancy and labor and delivery because of my intracranial hypertension. But my neurologist had some great advice and we started to get a game plan of what we can do if I experience more daily headaches. It was also so reassuring to hear him say that he didn’t know much about the labor and delivery process and would work closely WITH my OB to make sure I have the best experience I can. He could have just made up answers, but he admitted that this isn’t something he’s used to and is WILLING to find out so that I’m not miserable.

Best part of the week:  Last Wednesday, our furniture came in! So now we officially have a real kitchen table and a modest living room set for the main floor living room. Okay, so I know this doesn’t SOUND baby related, but it totally is! We’ve been waiting for a year to get our floors finished so we could finish purchasing furniture. When we found out we were expecting, we knew that we wanted to get the floors finished and the furniture moved in before we even started to think about getting the big items for baby. Now that we have everything arranged, we can officially start looking at cribs, rocking chairs, swings, bouncy seats, car seats, and strollers.  — Any advice on what to look for is greatly appreciated!

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