I know, I know. We tried to blog last year, and it completely failed! 2011 was a HUGE year for Brian and I. And as much as I wanted to document every moment, I just couldn’t get it together. But, as big as 2011 was, I have a feeling that 2012 will be even more exciting. So, I want to try it again.

And we have goals this time! Here they are:

  1. Weekly Update: Every Saturday or Sunday, we’ll post a weekend update. A little glimpse into our boring THRILLING lives. I’m sure you’ll look forward to hearing about our mundane day-to-day living.
  2. Exciting Recipes: Brialynn is a cooking machine. We love to try new recipes and make up our own. Now honestly, some might not be as exciting as others, but you’ll get the scoop one way or another. Hopefully, this will help inspire us to get cooking. November/December of 2011 was horribly dull in our kitchen. We resorted to pre-made meals from Hy-Vee, and lots of boring dinners. We are done with that! We want to create, inspire, and use our super awesome kitchen gadgets.
  3. Reviews: Brian and I are big Netflix buffs. And while we mostly use it to watch TV shows, we occasionally pick a random movie. We want to share our opinions and recommendations with you! But we won’t review just movies… we purchased a Coby tablet last summer and I read eBooks like crazy! I never thought I’d read more non-required novels on a tablet in one summer than I did all through college, but I did. And now that we have our reading apps on our phones, we read EVEN MORE! So we’ll throw in some book reviews from time to time.
  4. Projects: I don’t know how much Brian will help with this, but I’m a HUGE Pinterest fan. So, I’ll share my creations. And my family, both the Stantons and the Mosers, had Pinterest inspired… nay… “Pinspired” Christmases. So more to come on that, I’m sure!

There you have it… four goals. I have things to say and I’m bound and determined to make 2012 the year to share. So happy reading, friends!

From, The Mosers