So, I posted earlier today about my awesome wine cork “M.” I have a post in the works about a great way to keep cards that you receive displayed in a way that you can always look back at your memories without having a drawer full of unsightly clutter.

You see, I was feeling “Pinterested” today. I wanted to create! And my loving, supporting husband approved of my need to try new things.

I just got my office desk in decent condition, so I didn’t really want to craft. (Although, at the top of my to-do list is to make this awesome tea bag wreath.)

So, I decided to try a new and easy recipe. We got a waffle maker for Christmas… and I have been seeing these delicious looking waffle brownies popping up on Pinterest, so I decided to try.

Here’s what the pictures looked like on Pinterest…

So, when I saw that thisRachel Ray Show recipe called for a box of brownie mix, I thought we were good to go. Did I bother to read the rest of the instructions? Nope. Thought it was as simple as mixing up a brownie mix, pouring it into the pan, and waiting for deliciousness.

(Side note: Brian insists that I add this part of the story, which I would prefer to omit. He DID ask me before we started this adventure, “Sooo… we just follow the recipe like usual???” To which I did not hesitate, I just said “YEP!” and started mixing.)

A few minutes later, this is what I found…

Whoops! This crunchy, crumbly “dessert” made a nice mess in our waffle maker! I was so disappointed.

When I went back to find the picture of the perfect waffle brownie, I looked at the instructions. Guess what step I missed?!


Lesson learned, my friends. Sometimes, “winging it” doesn’t work for this cook. Sometimes, I just need to slow down and read ALL of the instructions. Thankfully, only a fraction of the batter was lost. We now have a nice little pan of fudgey-gooey perfection.



Brian did eat the cunchy brownie. It basically turned out like one big over-cooked edge of a brownie — which happens to be his favorite part. I TRIED it, decided it wasn’t worth it, then had a small piece from the pan.

I think we should try it again, this time omitting the water or milk. Brian, though, doesn’t think it’ll make a difference. It will still turn out like an edge piece. What do you think? Have you tried these “treats”?