Oh man! Things have been pretty slow this week, so it was hard to find the motivation to blog about our week. But this is only our second weekend update! They say you need to do something at least seven times before it becomes routine, so I knew if I skipped writing this post, it would all go downhill.

So, I bring you this: lists. I know, it’s kind of cheating, but I PROMISE to write more this week.

LIST 1: Food we ate.

  • Homemade roasted veggie pizza. And I’m talking COMPLETELY homemade. Brian made the crust, roasted the veggies, and made the sauce.
  • Thai Noodles. For lunch on Friday, we pretty much followed the recipe (see my pinterest if you can’t wait for a post about it!). Then for supper on Sunday, we added pork and “winged it” a bit on the sauce.
  • Apple Crisp
  • Crispy Baked Chicken
  • Cinnamon Roll Waffles — turned out MUCH better than the brownie experiment! But it was REALLY messy to clean up!


LIST 2: Chores we accomplished.

  • Vacuumed the ENTIRE house with our BRAND-NEW vacuum! We absolutely love it!


LIST 3: Chores we didn’t accomplish.

  • Unpacking the last Rubbermaid tote of books. Should have done it when we did the rest of the books, because now it seems like a chore!


LIST 4: Total Days Subbed.

  • 2… it was a slow week.


LIST 5: Number of crimes we assisted GIPD in solving.

  • 1… we were eye witnesses to an attempted robbery. Kind of. We went to the store and saw some people very suspiciously running across a yard and hopping into a car. We thought it was weird, but finished our trip. When we came home, we saw at least 7 police cars surrounding the area where we saw the strange runners. So we stopped and told the cop what we saw… he said he really appreciated our help. I just felt bad that we didn’t think it was strange enough to get a license plate number. 😦 But still, he took our number and said he’d “call if they needed anything else.” Essentially, we’re PROBABLY now on their speed dial for anytime a crime needs to be solved! 🙂


Well, that pretty much sums up our week. Like I said, I’ll actually write about stuff later. Maybe I’ll even get Brian to share his cooking secrets, because that man can cook like a pro! Iron Chef Zakarian better watch his back!