So, I asked Brian to write this week’s update. His response was “What did we even do this week?” My answer “I don’t know, I was sick for most of it.”

And that’s the truth. Monday and Tuesday I had a horrible migraine. Wednesday night, I started getting the worst head cold I think I’ve ever had. Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but it has made me feel so off since Thursday morning.

We both subbed a few days this week, and got some days on the schedule for this coming week. It feels refreshing to know that you have things to do in the next 5 days!

I judged high school speech on Saturday. Unfortunately, I hadn’t been able to coach with any of the kiddos this week due to my illnesses. The tournament was an eye opener to many! A lot of students really brought their A game. Which made it easier to judge… but harder to compete!

Afterwards, the team met a swanky new dive in GI. The Chocolate Bar was amazing! Brian and I decided to join them, while the kids read their ballots. The atmosphere is so great, the chocolate was to die for, and there were so many coffee/tea selections! I can’t wait to go again and have some of their wine and meat and cheese tray. 🙂

So, I’m sorry dear readers, that I didn’t post at all this week! I have some great ideas, I just need to start feeling better so that I can sit down and FOCUS on something for longer than 5 seconds!

Any tips for curing the worst head cold of my life?!?!