I must have a sensitive immune system, because if there’s a sickness going around, I’m going to get it. It’s a fact. The flu, ear infections, sinus infections, the common cold… been there, done that. At least once a year. And it doesn’t even matter if I drink my milk, eat my veggies, or stock up on Vitamin C supplements. I’m just doomed to get the sickies.

While I was student teaching, I got sick the first week, and continued to have various ailments for the next three months. I was only completely healthy for three of my sixteen week placement. Now most of the time, I’m able to push through and live my life fairly normally. (Minus the occasional whining.)

Through our courtship, Brian seldom caught whatever illness I had… in fact, I can only think of TWO times that he has been legitimately sick. Once right after our freshman year of college and then again at the beginning of student teaching when he caught the nasty head cold that I had.

I figured that he didn’t catch whatever I had because he lived in a different place — I mean, we spent the majority of our free time together — but I figured that sleeping in our own spaces would block the germs. I figured that when we got married, he’d start catching the colds that I caught.

Boy was I wrong! So far this cold/flu season I have had a couple colds and the flu. Guess how many sicknesses Brian has had? That’s right. NONE. Not a single tissue used, not a single cough drop savored, not a single puke bucket kept by the bedside.

It’s unreal. Unreal! His immune system must make up for my lack of one, because he his untouchable! Let’s only hope that once we start having kids that they inherit their father’s sense of humor and his rock solid immunity to the sickies!