Well this post is long over due! But I just have to share it because it’s such a great idea for sentimental people like me. I wish I would have found this idea before my last round of deep cleaning where I threw away all of the birthday, Valentine’s, Christmas, Halloween, and graduation cards I had received in the last 24 years. The only cards I did NOT throw away were all of our beautiful wedding and bridal shower cards we received in 2011. So I was thrilled to have found a way to preserve them without making an unsightly mess in the bottom of a drawer.

Here’s where I found my inspiration… Something Turquoise … You can also find a link on my Pinterest DIY board.

I pretty much followed all of the steps on the website above. Man, I hope I’m giving her enough credit. Her steps to follow were great and very helpful. Usually, I would walk you through what I did, but she did such a great job that I highly recommend you go straight to SomethingTurquoise.com and let her help you through the steps!

Here’s what my finished products looked like:

We had so many wedding cards that I ended up making two different books and I used 2 inch book rings to connect them.

I also decided that we should start saving the cards and letters we get at Christmas time, so I made a book for those too! I used a 1 inch ring, but have a 2 inch ring available as the years go on and we get more cards. I also used a SUPER long piece of ribbon to ensure that in 5 years I don’t need to redo it! (But it makes the bow look a little untidy now…)

I loved this craft so much, and the books look so nice on our bookshelf! It was pretty easy, too… once I got all the measurements right.