Finally, after weeks of saying I was going to start this project, and more weeks of working on the project, I finished my tea wreath. (But it’ll probably be a few MORE weeks before it makes its way to our kitchen wall.)

Even though it took me so long to make this awesome craft, it wasn’t hard. It was more a factor of not having the motivation to complete it in a timely fashion — combined with an inability to make a circle in the exact middle of another circle.

Here’s the website with complete instructions and step by step pictures.

Forgive my lack of pictures for the first few steps… there was too much frustration with cardboard, circular kitchen objects, pencils, scissors, and rulers to try to capture it all on camera. So we’ll jump ahead.

Here’s what you need:


-a large and medium compass (which would have been handy — two bowls work just fine, too)

-about 20-ish clothes pins

-scrapbook paper — at least 1 12″x12″ piece and then scraps that match


-hot glue gun


1. Cut out your wreath from the cardboard. Mine eventually ended up having 9″ diameter on the outside and about a 5″ diameter on the inside.

You can see that I had a 9″ serving bowl and the bottom of our plastic pitcher just happened to be 5″! It was great — but difficult to line up the pitcher so it was exactly in the middle of the bigger circle. Cutting is hard — make sure you have GOOD scissors!

2. Lay down your big piece of scrapbook paper and cut about a 1/2 inch larger than your circle so that you’ll be able to fold it over and cover the sides. After cutting out the circle, cut lines along the edge of the paper, you’ll glue these pieces onto the cardboard as you fold them up around the edge. This is what it’ll look like when you’re done:

3. Mod Podge your scrap paper onto your clothes pins.

4. Hot glue the clothespins onto the wreath with the clip part on the inside — that way your tea bags will clip along the outside. Then attach your tea bags and hang in the kitchen. I love how all my different variety of tea is displayed — makes it easier to pick a bag in the morning!