Oh my word. Thank the LORD above for the last seven days! Brian and I worked a combined total of 7 days during the week. Our jobs ranged from Special Education to 8th grade English to Espanol. I’ll let you guess who subbed which categories. 😉

Next week, I have four days scheduled and Brian has one (although with the way things have been going recently, I have a feeling he will sub more than just that one day).

In all of the craziness, I still managed to coach some highschool speech. The kiddos were off to Conference Speech this weekend and they all had their game faces on. I was so impressed with all of the emotional breakthroughs that I saw — it makes my heart smile when I see such raw emotion come from these kids. They are unbelievable — and they had a GREAT day! They brought home the Conference Champion Plaque!

While I’ve been at speech, Brian has been home perfecting his new hobby — Coffee Bean Roasting! It’s quite the project and he has a blog in the works for later this week!

Brian and I had a delightful meal week. On Ash Wednesday, we made an awesome Mexican meal complete with homemade guacamole, homemade refried beans, and great veggie fajitas. Fish has also made a strong comeback in our meal routine — we got such great deals on fish this week! No tuna casserole for us this Lenten season!

People have asked what Brian and I are giving up for Lent — and no, we’re not giving up pop or sweets. We decided to keep things private and personal this Lenten season. Do things that better us and help discover the reason for the season. Be on the look out for a blog closer to Easter when I reflect on the homily we heard at Christmas Mass (I promise, it will make sense!)


In other news, we’ve decided to change the way we blog. We’ll try to post on Tuesdays and Thursday in addition to Weekend Updates. We’ll use that time to blog crafts, recipes, and things that we want to talk about. One day Brian will post, the other day I will. I think it will be a way to make this blog more of an “US” thing.

Thank you to everyone who shared our blog this week! It warms my soul to know that my Pinterest addiction is making a difference in other people’s lives! 🙂 Keep on sharing, friends — and COMMENTING! I love seeing what you think. Any ideas on projects or blogs, let us know! 🙂