I had an awesome blog planned for today. I just finished the sweetest project that was only INSPIRED by something I saw on Pinterest. I made it up myself and am pretty proud of it. The only reason I can not share it today is because it’s a gift for a friend and I should probably give it to her before I share it with the internets. So instead, would you settle for 10 wedding ceremony pictures? I thought you might…

Now keep in mind, my dear readers, that there were over 250 pictures from the ceremony alone. These are just 10 of my favorites from the about 50 that I had narrowed it down to a few weeks ago.

Enjoy… I know I did. 🙂


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By the way, inserting the slideshow into the post was ridiculously easy!! More of these will happen. I mean, shoot, we have 1,000 wedding pictures and another 1,000 honeymoon pictures!