It’s time again for another weekend update. I apologize for not blogging at all this last week — but I just didn’t have any ideas and things were crazy in the Moser house.

The public schools were on spring break, therefore, we were too. It’s hard knowing that you’re probably not going to work at all for 5 days, but not being sure because there are two districts that could maybe call, but probably won’t since they have short weeks. It’s not like we felt we could take off and go somewhere because of the “what if” of the whole situation. And we just hate turning down subbing opportunities.

Although, maybe it’s a good thing we had a week off. When the in-laws were here last Sunday, I just felt off… I knew I was coming down with a cold. Monday morning I woke up and could hardly move, I was completely drained of energy and my head and chest hurt. At about 5, I started having these horrible deep chest coughs and got worried that I was getting pneumonia or some horrible illness, so we went to Urgent Care to find out what was going on. The nurse practitioner I saw said that she thought I was getting influenza and would probably develop a fever in the next 24 hours. Great news, huh?! Well, I asked what it would be if I didn’t get a fever — the answer: just a nasty Rhino-virus (they call it that because it makes you feel angry, just like a rhino, right?)  that we can only treat the symptoms. So she loaded me up with a few different prescriptions that could be filled depending on whether or not the fever ever showed up. It didn’t. So treating symptoms it was! I really hate treating the symptoms, I just want to fix the CAUSE! It’s the persuasive speaker in me…

Instead of spending lots of money on different meds, I opted to try some home-remedies — and they WORKED! I plugged in the humidifier, steamed up the bathroom for some Vicks-ed up spa time, drank LOTS of honey/lemon hot water, kept heating pads on my ears, and slept. Two days later, I was feeling LOADS better!!

Just in time, too. The weather was looking BEAUTIFUL outside! On Friday, as Brian and I were getting ready to sit down in front of the open window to enjoy the sun while we read our books, I got an email from Target. They were bragging about their patio sale, and I said, “Brian, I know what I want to do today. Let’s buy a GRILL!” So we researched some grills on Target’s website, found one that cost the EXACT amount that we had left in Target Gift Cards (By the way: Thank you to everyone who got us gifts/gift cards for our wedding — you will never know how much everything we got affects our lives on a daily basis!). So we gassed up the van (ugh… why is gas SO expensive all of a sudden???) and headed to Kearney. Thankfully, when we saw the floor model, we fell in love AND they had one left in the back we could take home. It cost us $18 (tax+bag of white chocolate M&M’s)! Such a deal!!! We stopped and saw some friends, got some frozen yogurt (Hate that GI doesn’t have any fro-yo places) and headed home.

We had had grand visions of grilling fish for supper on Friday night, but we soon found that we were hungrier than we thought and the assembly of the grill would take too long. In fact, we didn’t even finish the assembly Friday, we stopped at 10:30 and went to bed. Saturday morning, we got up, assembled, waited impatiently for lunch and then GRILLED! More on what we grilled to come this week…

But today, it’s rainy and dreary and we are feeling the effects of the time change. Not only that, but I think my super-immune system husband has found his kryptonite-virus. He is coughing up a storm and is taking a nap as I type this — and let me tell you, dear readers, my husband NEVER naps. Let’s just hope that my super home-remedies will have him fixed in no time. We’re in for a crazy week of subbing and other adventures (mostly having to do with our GRILL!).

I hope when you finish reading this, you can do what I’m going to do: Curl up on the couch, read a good book, and enjoy the fact that SPRING is just around the corner!