Whoa! This week has just FLOWN by! Poor Brian got the nasty end of the cold that I had — his came complete with fever and all. Poor guy was miserable the first part of the week. 😦 But I’m happy to report that as of right now, we’re all fairly healthy. These wild Nebraska winds are kicking up something in the air that’s giving us some early allergy symptoms, but I think we’ll survive!

I honestly don’t know how many days we subbed this week… maybe a total of 5 between the two of us? Yeah, that sounds right. I got to sub for a very good friend of mine. I felt some pressure knowing that I KNEW the person I was subbing for — but it sort of worked to my advantage. I was able to text her some of my questions and threaten to call her if the students were being naughty. It was quite the experience, and while I enjoy subbing for middle school every now and again, I could not do it full time. All of my middle school teacher friends are SAINTS! God must have given them a special kind of patience that he forgot to give me, that’s for sure!

The most exciting part of our week was speech related. On Tuesday, (man that feels like FOREVER ago) I went with the Speech Team to Districts. They took 18 events — the most a team can take. All 18 events made it to finals — and of those 18, we are taking SEVENTEEN to State Speech this coming Thursday. I am so unbelievably proud of this team. As an alum, a coach, and a lover of forensics, my heart just bursts at the seams when I think about the talent that these students have. It’s ridiculous. (Now let’s just hope all of them take advantage of the coaching opportunities they have this week so that State can be as momentous as Districts!)

But even cooler than taking 17 events to state was getting Brian to come and watch me coach. I wish he would have started coming with me earlier in the season because he has a knack for coaching! He gave some great critiques in our sessions. He’s even decided that if he doesn’t sub at all on Thursday, he’ll accompany the team to Kearney for State to help get kids around to various places on campus — since we’re so familiar with it!

So yeah, basically, we’ve been living and breathing speech. And will for the next four days. BUT, as of right now, I don’t sub tomorrow. So my goal is to finish up and submit some job applications as well as write up three blog posts to be published throughout the week. Here’s what you have to look forward to: Grilling Part 1 – Brats and Salmon, Grilling Part 2 – STEAK, and a yummy post about the home made vegetarian egg rolls we made. Although, when we made them again to actually take pictures of the process, we added pork since it wasn’t a Friday.

We both have a few sub days already planned this week — we’ll take more as they come. We also have the finishing touches put on our resumes and cover letters, so this week we will be sending out job applications. We are praying — and would appreciate any extra prayers — that God will lead us to the places we need to be.

Have a great week, readers — this coming week has always been my favorite week of the entire year. SPRING! State Speech! GICC’s Musical! The air is filled with a feeling unlike any other week of the year. Embrace it!