Spring is in the air, dear readers! And the Mosers are enjoying every minute of it! I mentioned in my last weekend update that this week is my favorite week of the entire year — and it did not disappoint! Let’s recap the highlights:

Monday and Tuesday, Brian and I went to Central Catholic for some pretty intense last minute coaching sessions of the year. It was great that Brian came because he offered a fresh point of view that helped us find some little fine-tuning changes that could be made.

Wednesday, we were able to go to the 1st annual Night-Before-State-Speech-Picnic! It was a great bonding experience for the team. We did a couple really awesome activities, ate some delicious food (So glad I help with a team where parents are ALWAYS willing to help! We definitely have some angel moms and dads on the team!), and ended the night with a big group hug!

Thursday, we headed off to Kearney at 5:50 AM. That is NOT my shining time of the day, but I was pumped and ready to go. I didn’t sleep much the night before — I was filled with such nervous excitement, my brain just couldn’t manage to slow down. I finally fell asleep by going through the lines to three of the events that I helped on a weekly basis. I figured if I know them that well, it was a sign that they were well polished and ready for state!

Overall, it was an outstanding day! We qualified 6 events to finals and ended up 4th overall. I was disappointed that we didn’t get more events to finals, but I told all the kiddos that they were #1 in my heart. And it’s TRUE! I adore each and every one of them. While we are losing 5 exemplary seniors, we have underclassmen who are ready to rise to the top next year. AND I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Friday, I made Brian go with my sister and me to see the high school production of The Sound of Music. It was a great performance! Granted, I was a little judgmental of some of the little details… like sound, lights, and scene changes… but that’s only because I ran those machines — I know the glorious things they can do. But the acting was extraordinary! The singing was beautiful! When it was over, I just wanted them to start again (except for the fact that it was WAY past our bedtimes)!

Saturday, Brian and I enjoyed what started out as a do-nothing day. We woke up without the friendly services of our LOVELY alarm clock. We drank coffee/tea at our own pace. We caught up on news/facebook/blogs. We did some laundry… and that’s where our do-nothing day turned into a “CRAP! How many towels do we have to clean up the standing water in the laundry room because the drain hose was wiggled out of its hole and now the water from the large load of bedding is all over the floor!” kind of day. I’m happy to report that we do have enough towels to clean up that size of a mess. Brian is also a pro at putting the dryer hose back on the dryer after we pull it out to dry the water. The best news is that the washer is NOT broken! PRAISE THE LORD! I don’t know what happened, but the other night when we did a quick load of laundry to get us through the rest of the week, it was abnormally loud and we didn’t think anything of it. It appears that all the extra jostling pulled the drain hose out and when that happens, the water still has to go somewhere… and in this case, that somewhere was the floor. Everything is fixed. And all of our towels (whether they needed it or not) are now clean. 🙂

We did a lot of grilling this week, too. And a bit of subbing, and a bit of working at Cabela’s. But that’s the boring part.

Now that speech is done, we’re going to have ample time to finally sit down and share our grilling adventures. I think I’m going to also have time to start crafting again (so if you have ideas, give ’em to me!). We’re also getting ready to decide what we want to garden on our tiny back porch and what we want to garden at my parent’s house. They have a HUGE garden area and said that if we helped, we could reap the goods… so we will!

Oh… P.S. Hunger Games came out on Friday. Brian and I read the trilogy and loved it. My goal is to go to the movie sometime this week — we’ll see if it happens!