Let me preface this lovely little story by sharing a little secret with you… I am NOT a morning person. I need to be awake for at least an hour before I am ready to even think about the day being a good one. Since Brian and I have been married, he’s noticed that he gets one of two different Jeralynn’s in the morning. Some mornings I am a ball of fire — energetic, silly, appearing to be happy with the world. Other mornings, he knows to keep his distance. Mornings where I can wake up without the assistance of an alarm are by far the best mornings! I’d much rather follow my internal clock than the horrible sounds of any alarm.

Brian, on the other hand, is a morning person. He’d much rather be up before the sun comes up, drinking coffee and reading the news, than sleeping the morning away. He’s pretty mellow in the morning and does what he needs to do to get ready without complaining.

Waking up together has definitely been one of the biggest adventures of our married life thus far because we wake up so differently.

Now that I’ve given you the background information that you’ll need in order to truly appreciate this special moment, let me take you back to 4:40 AM Wednesday, March 28, 2012…

I woke up because I thought I just needed to use the ladies room. But then something just felt off, so I walked through the apartment making sure everything was in its place. It was while I was in the computer room that I heard this chirping sound. It was very intermittent and I couldn’t exactly tell where it was coming from. I decided it wasn’t worth looking into and just went back to bed.

I laid back down and heard the chirping again. By this point, I was pretty much awake and not too happy about it. But I didn’t want to wake Brian up, so I just grabbed my phone and read some emails. The chirping was coming about every 30 seconds at this point… and my annoyance with it was rising steadily. I realized that the chirping was coming from OUR ROOM! The only thing that could be making that horrid sound was the smoke detector.

About then, Brian stirred a little, checked the time, rolled over to me and asked if he was just imagining the sound. I said no and suggested that we get up and take the battery out. Maybe that would stop the god-awful chirping. So, we got out of bed, turned on the lights, and Brian climbed up to check things out. This darn smoke detector was a pain in the rear to even figure out how to get to the battery compartment. By the time we (and by we, I really mean just Brian) got the battery out, it was STILL CHIRPING!!!

Sure, go ahead, laugh at us… of course we are probably the last people on earth who didn’t know that smoke detectors chirp because the battery is low OR missing. We shouldn’t have even wasted our time unless we were prepared to put in a new battery. Also, in our middle of the night haze, we couldn’t figure out how to disconnect the AC adapter plug that’s also plugged into it.

So, back to bed we went — after taping cotton balls onto the speaker thing on the smoke detector. Yeah, it looked silly… no, it didn’t really help. I was FUMING at this point… stomping  twirling around the house, cursing singing the praises of the wonder of smoke detectors.

I put a blanket over my head to try to keep the sound out — and Brian and I did not speak even a mumble to each other. We were both livid and if we would have tried to talk this out, there would have been blaming and yelling and screaming and one heck of a fight. I’m pretty proud that we handled it like awake, mature adults. I WAS mad — but not at Brian, but there was nothing to take the anger out on since I couldn’t even reach the dang smoke detector. And it’s lucky I couldn’t… I would have beat it with a baseball bat and then stabbed it to death!

So when the horrid alarm went off less than an hour later, I was less than thrilled. We laid in bed discussing whether or not to get out of bed when Brian got a call to sub. So while he was getting ready, I drove to Walgreen’s to get a stupid 9 volt battery. When I got back, we figured out how to disconnect the smoke detector and put in the new battery.

Well, it was still chirping… so now, the battery is out, the smoke detector is on the unmade bed, and I can’t even look at it without getting angry. When Brian gets home, we’ll look at the owner’s manual together and put it back together. And while we’re at it, we might as well change the battery in the other detector because the next time I wake up to the sound of chirping, it better be from blue birds outside my window.