Okay. I am finally in the mood to start the tale of our new grill. I don’t know what the hold up has been… we have enjoyed our new cooking tool about 15-20 times since we purchased it earlier this month. We love it! We really do… Maybe I’ve just been selfish — maybe I haven’t wanted to share such a special part of our lives.

We write a lot about our kitchen adventures. Ever since we began dating, cooking together and enjoying meals together has been a very important and intimate part of our relationship. I am not ashamed to admit most of our arguments start in the kitchen. Sometimes we get so stubborn that our cooking technique or recipe variation is the only way something should be done, and then we start fighting about it. But we also solve problems in the kitchen. There’s not a lot that can’t be solved with a yummy dinner or luscious dessert.

But let me tell you something, since we got our grill, we’ve seen eye to eye on all things grill related. We don’t have a lot of grilling experience between the two of us — Brian grew up on charcoal grills, and I never grilled much because I DETEST touching raw meat, so that was left to the parents. So grilling has been a grand adventure so far. And because of that, I think I want to protect this part of our lives from becoming tainted by the opinions of others. I’m being honest here — our grill is awesome and you have no idea how much we love it! There are some days that we use it more than once!

As I sit here on our fenced in little back porch area — only big enough for our two chaise loungers (from Cabela’s!) and our grill — I just NEED to finally get my thoughts and feelings, recipes and pictures out there for the world to see… even if the world of my blog readers is only a handful of close family and friends. šŸ™‚

So without further ado, here is our new grill: Charbroil – 4 burner + side burner.

Isn’t it gorgeous??? I mean, manly and awesome?

Close up of the burners… Brian takes such good care of them and keeps them cleaned off so that they will last a long time!

Here’s a close up of the side-burner connection handiwork that we successfully assembled without arguing! We did have to step away from it the night we started putting this bad boy together. The directions were in the wrong order and things were not fitting right and attitudes were starting to get the best of us. But the next morning, things went more smoothly when we did the steps in a more logical order. šŸ™‚ Sometimes guys are right and don’t need directions.

So, there you have it. Our grill… I’m going to write part II right now and it’ll be posted later this week. Enjoy!!!