Is there light ahead?

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Last week was hard — and it was easy to complain about the future and lose sight of what we’ve been working towards and just lose hope.

Now I’m not saying that recent developments have cured us of those fears, but it’s eased my mind a tad.

I recently accepted a long-term sub position for a kindergarten class. While it’s going to be an adjustment to every day subbing, I think it’ll be a great opportunity! And it’ll take care of some of the worries I had about getting enough sub days in May to pay the June bills. 🙂

On the car front — we’re finding that we can get around with one car if need be. We are still undetermined as to what to do with the other. We wanted to get some second opinions on pricing — and we’re getting A LOT of different numbers, none of which we particularly care for. So we’ll see… but at least I’m not dreading the situation. Since I’ll be at the same building every day, and it’s in a central location that won’t make it hard for Brian to take me/pick me up on his way to whatever job he has.

Things have been all over on the job front. They’re starting to look up, but it’s also just hard to tell what will happen. I won’t get into too much detail now, but just send us positive thoughts and prayers!

Every day is an emotional battle… there’s a lot of things out of our control. It’s been a trial to remember that the one thing we CAN control is our reactions to a situation. And slowly but surely, I think we’re making strides in having a positive attitude about where our lives are going…

Like I said in my last post, I’m thankful EVERY SECOND of EVERY DAY that I have my best friend and the love of my life by my side every day.


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I guess this was not meant to be a regular weekend update. And I’m sorry for that. I honestly tried to sit down and write up a happy report of the last two weeks, but it just wasn’t coming together.

This has probably been the most difficult two weeks of our marriage thus far. Now granted, nothing life-threateningly horrible has happened… but we’ve been dealt quite a hand. And it’s been interesting to try to determine where we should go from here…

Between major car problems, minor car problems, job searches, and all the daily-living frustrations that pop up, it’s been an adventure. And I think because all I can see right now is the problems with life, I had a really hard time sitting down and blogging. Shoot, we even had a hard time firing up the grill these last two weeks.

Brian and I have been incredibly lucky so far — we love where we live, we have two amazing sets of parents who will do what they can to help us (including letting us borrow cars when ours go kaput), and we’ve been lucky enough to sub in awesome schools that have helped us to grow as teachers and as individuals.

I KNOW in my heart that all these trials we are facing this week will eventually make us stronger and that we need to trust and believe that things will work out how they are supposed to — but today, it’s hard.

SO… Brian and I need to do something to help us focus on all of the positive things that have happened since our last weekend update. Because we are lucky, and this will all blow over soon.

Here’s our happy list:

1. Spending time with family — Easter was great! Loved spending time with the Moser’s and celebrating Grandma Alyce’s birthday, Shelley’s birthday, and Easter. Sarah, Meghan, and I — along with some help from Brian and Sean — made an awesome gift for Grandma. It was a good bonding experience. We really love spending time with Brian’s siblings and wish we could see them more often…

Then on Easter, we headed to my parents’ house where we did some more Easter celebrating and had more birthday cake. Hope turned 12 on Tuesday, but we celebrated early — I can NOT believe my baby sister is already 12 years old! Some day I’ll share my memories of the day she was born.

2. We ate at the new Texas Roadhouse. The rolls were yummy, the rattlesnake bites were awesome, and the early-dinner deals were spectacular! Sometimes it’s nice to just go out for a little treat.

3. We realized that we have a tornado safe-room. I don’t know how we’ll ever get down into it if we need to. If we get in, I don’t know how we’ll get out — but I really think we’ll be safe. We also prepared a tornado safety kit on Saturday, but thankfully we didn’t need it. Although I was a little bummed that it wasn’t until 11:00-ish that we finally even got a good thunderstorm. But again, thankfully there wasn’t any dangerous situations in our little spot on the earth.

4. Brian boiled a perfect batch of hard-boiled eggs. It’s the little things getting us by this week…

5. Along those sames lines, I thought I messed up a batch of potatoes for potato salad… but they weren’t too bad. Nor was the potato salad.


Here’s to hoping that we can find purpose and strength. And to being thankful that we are not doing this alone — that we have EACH OTHER every day… along with a great support system of family and friends.


An Easter Reflection

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Happy Easter, Readers! Our weekend update will be a bit late this week as we are enjoying some much needed family time. I typed this up on Good Friday before we left for Lincoln, so don’t worry — it’s not taking away from quality family time. 🙂

I mentioned previously that I wanted to share some of the homily that Father Richard gave at the midnight Christmas Mass. St. Mary’s always does a beautiful job decorating for Christmas, and he commented that that is a theme of Christmas. People go all out with their decorations — trees, lights, tinsel, everything! And it’s easy to want to decorate and be festive because we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. And births are happy, joyous times, right? Right. We love to swoon over little babies and their little hands and little feet and their perfect little baby-ness. It’s easy to celebrate something so innocent, sweet, and happy.

But Easter comes along and you just don’t see the same excitement shown through decorations. Sure, you might throw up some window decals of bunnies or pull out your pastel tablecloths,  but how many people actually go all out for Easter? I know I don’t. Shoot, I didn’t even put up window decals and the only reason we have some cute Easter-y place mats is because they were a gift this year!

So why? What’s the difference? They are both very important holidays to Christians…

It’s simple. It’s hard to celebrate death. Even if it’s the death of our Savior. Dying is hard to deal with and it just doesn’t feel the same to go all out for something that we as humans can’t fully comprehend.

But that’s where I think God helps us out a little bit… Spring is the season of new life. While I agree with Fr. Richard that it’s hard to decorate for the death of our Savior, I also think that nature helps. It would be hard to not decorate for the birth of Jesus in the winter because winter has such a dull, dead, empty feeling. But in Spring, the grass is growing, the trees are blooming, and it’s just easier to rejoice in celebration that Jesus died for us. Do you think that Easter would have the same feeling if it wasn’t in spring? I don’t.

So no, I did not decorate to celebrate Easter, but I didn’t have to. Enjoying afternoons with the windows open, seeing the grass growing in our yard, seeing the trees start to blossom and bloom, that’s all I need to remind me of the reason for the season.

We may not be the most religious people you will ever meet, but we are so thankful in our heart for everything that God does —  including putting Easter in a season where new life is forming. So go! Hunt some Easter eggs, eat some ham, and rejoice in the fact that Jesus died for our salvation.

Happy Easter!  –The Mosers

Go Cubs Go!!!

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Today was Opening Day for our beloved Cubbies. And it brought back a flood of memories I’d like to share…

Brian and I first started hanging out on our own without other mutual friends around about 5 years ago. One of the first times I took my homework up to his room so we could work together, he said something to me that changed the course of our relationship.

“Today is Opening Day. I will watch every Cub game I can. So you have a choice, you can either watch it with me and learn about the game or you can leave me alone for roughly two and half hours every televised game day.”

Man, it was a tough decision. I really detested sports in general and more than that I detested how much these players get paid to play a game all summer… But I figured that I might as well give it a try, because I wanted to spend every possible moment with this guy!

The first few games I watched were rough — I had no clue what was happening and who was doing what and blah, blah, blah… But then Brian started giving me really cool facts about the players. Derek Lee (my favorite Cub — even though he’s been traded) has a daughter who has a rare disease and there are players who donate parts of their ridiculous salaries to her foundation to help find a cure. What a great way to spend their money, huh? Carlos Zambrano (another traded Cub — although that trade NEEDED to happen) has a brother that he IM’s and as a result had some carpal tunnel issues. These little personal facts just got me hooked to this team.

And Brian was a good teacher — constantly quizzing me about players, teams, and different plays. And I was a diligent pupil — even sitting down with a score card and trying to play along. Unfortunately, the game I tried that ended up going something like 19 innings and I lost interest after about 5.

Needless to say, I got hooked on baseball… and more importantly, the Chicago Cubs. I got a nasty paper cut today, and guess what? I bleed Cubby Blue — true story!

Opening Day, more so than our technical “anniversary”, is really the day I consider as the start of our relationship. Opening Day is like a fresh start — it doesn’t matter how the team played last year or what Brian and I are currently dealing with… as of today, we started a new season.

And while I don’t think this will be the year the Baby Bears take it all, I have a feeling that it will be our season. I feel good things coming our way, and I’m so glad I have baseball to entertain me until it comes.

Oh, oh, oh! The other memory that came flooding into my mind today was our honeymoon! Here are some of our Wrigley Pictures. Included are pictures of our morning trip to Wrigley the day before our game, pictures of us enjoying the game itself, and pictures of our Wrigley Field TOUR (The picture of our feet… we weren’t supposed to be touching that special dirt!).

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The Grilling Chronicles: Part II – The First Day (2 meals…)

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Yep, you read that title right… the first day we had the grill, we prepared two delicious meals. I think what I am going to enjoy most about sharing our grilling recipes with you is how easy they are and how there is practically no measurements to specify — you can just do what makes sense to you. After all, that’s what we did!

Lunch: Beer Brats and Rice-filled Grilled Green Peppers

We used:

2 Cheddar Bacon Brats

1 Bottle of whatever beer we had on hand

1 Green Pepper (Ours was starting to change color, so we needed to use it!!!)

1 Package of Rice Sides — any flavor

Water, oil/butter as called for on Rice Sides package

First, boil the brats in the beer for about 15-20 minutes.

Start the Rice Sides — just follow the package instructions. Yep, we used our side burner!

Carry your brats, buns, and green pepper (halved and cleaned out) to the pre-heated grill.

Grill them until everything looks done.

Assemble finished pieces.

Dinner: Salmon with grilled salad.

Grilling salmon, we knew, was a no-brainer. Grilling most of the rest of this meal might have been new-grill-over-confidence, yet the results worked out very well.

1 Salmon fillet, large

Salmon marinade/seasoning: sesame seeds, lemon juice, parsley, butter, salt, and pepper

Romaine lettuce leaves, sliced lengthwise with the bottom part intact to hold the separate halves together

Tomatoes, cut into wedges

cucumber, cut into thin wedges

orange pepper, sliced into spears

salad dressing, to drizzle over finished salad [we used Toasted Sesame dressing from Kraft]

We began by mixing together the ingredients for the salmon seasoning. We melted the butter and added the rest of the herbs, seasonings, and flavorings, all to our own taste.

The salmon was then lightly oiled to prevent sticking, then set on the hot grill. Immediately, we began brushing the marinade over the top half. After a few minutes, it was ready to turn over [very possible to do too soon, as the bottom needs to crisp enough before it won’t stick anymore]. The other side of the fillet was then brushed, and then we waited for it to cook all the way through. We were hesitant to move the fillet around much, or to flip it too often, since we knew the fish was tender, and we didn’t want our (predominantly butter) marinade to all get lost down the grates.

While the salmon was underway, we grilled our veggies. The romaine turned out fantastic! Just toast it slightly… you don’t want it to wilt too much. The heat does wonders for the taste of this leafy green. It brings out so much flavor, and it doesn’t seem to loose too much of it’s crisp. Peppers grilled are always awesome and will definitely be a staple in our house! The tomato and cucumber… eh. The cucumber definitely was not helped at all by the grilling process. It was pretty weird… I’m only including it in this recipe because we really did it. I’m not recommending you ever do the same.

That being said, once everything was assembled, it was AMAZING!!! Here are pictures to prove it…

Salmon… it was so good, but we didn’t get great grill marks on it. 😦

Our veggies. This little rack came in handy so the peppers and cucumbers didn’t fall down the grate. Maybe the cucumbers should have…

Our assembled meal. Delicious!

And that was our first day with our new grill. A great day it was!!!

Weekend Update — Back to Normal

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I honestly have nothing too exciting to report this week… we are definitely starting to find a new normal now that speech is over.

Brian was the subbing super star this week — he banked 4 days! I only had two — I could have had 3, except on Tuesday I woke up with the worst sinus headache ever. I had to cancel my job for the day because the headache was not only in my sinuses, but I could feel it at the base of my neck — the place where migraines start. I was so concerned that this little allergy headache was going to turn into one of my raging migraines that there was no way I was going to be able to play with preschoolers all day!

Thankfully, some sudafed, ibuprofen, and a heating pad on my face all day seemed to do the trick. This is the first allergy season since my second year of college that I am not taking a daily allergy pill. I am definitely feeling the pollen more than I have in the past, but it seems to be manageable and much more affordable. 🙂

We filed our first set of taxes as a married couple! That was pretty cool… and we’ll get a refund that will help us out through what could be a long summer.

We grilled… normal things like burgers, hot dogs, and brats. We also made a killer salsa-mole — you know… part salsa, part guacamole. We grilled corn and onions and added it to some Roma tomatoes, avocados, cilantro, and spices. It was delectable!

A first round of job applications have been submitted. We will wait patiently and hopefully hear something soon… It’s definitely been an emotional roller coaster. I’m not going to get into it now… there are too many feelings involved. Just know that we appreciate any positive thoughts/prayers that you feel like offering up… or monetary donations to send out more credential files to more districts! Those things are pricey!

I guess the big hit of our weekend was going to see Hunger Games today. While the gaggle of girls in the bathroom after the movie complained that it was horrible and they will not waste their money to see the rest of the trilogy (we’ll just wait and see if they were over-reacting about that…), WE thought it was great! No… it did not stick solely to the book, but it was a great adaptation… it kept the good parts, but really took advantage of the fact that while the book was written from Katniss’s point of view, it was able to show another side of the Hunger Games. I absolutely LOVED the parts where they showed the Capital controlling the game. And I LOVED Donald Sutherland as President Snow. You could just smell the blood and roses just looking at him!!!! AHHHH!!! SO GREAT!!!!

Well, that’s all I have for now. Brian and I are going to go out to our little porch, sit in our chaise loungers, and read good books! We started a post about our first grilling adventure that will be posted later this week, so look for that! We will also try to post about America’s favorite pasttime… BASEBALL!

Enjoy the warm weather, friends! And go read Hunger Games if you haven’t yet… if you have, go see the movie!

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