Yep, you read that title right… the first day we had the grill, we prepared two delicious meals. I think what I am going to enjoy most about sharing our grilling recipes with you is how easy they are and how there is practically no measurements to specify — you can just do what makes sense to you. After all, that’s what we did!

Lunch: Beer Brats and Rice-filled Grilled Green Peppers

We used:

2 Cheddar Bacon Brats

1 Bottle of whatever beer we had on hand

1 Green Pepper (Ours was starting to change color, so we needed to use it!!!)

1 Package of Rice Sides — any flavor

Water, oil/butter as called for on Rice Sides package

First, boil the brats in the beer for about 15-20 minutes.

Start the Rice Sides — just follow the package instructions. Yep, we used our side burner!

Carry your brats, buns, and green pepper (halved and cleaned out) to the pre-heated grill.

Grill them until everything looks done.

Assemble finished pieces.

Dinner: Salmon with grilled salad.

Grilling salmon, we knew, was a no-brainer. Grilling most of the rest of this meal might have been new-grill-over-confidence, yet the results worked out very well.

1 Salmon fillet, large

Salmon marinade/seasoning: sesame seeds, lemon juice, parsley, butter, salt, and pepper

Romaine lettuce leaves, sliced lengthwise with the bottom part intact to hold the separate halves together

Tomatoes, cut into wedges

cucumber, cut into thin wedges

orange pepper, sliced into spears

salad dressing, to drizzle over finished salad [we used Toasted Sesame dressing from Kraft]

We began by mixing together the ingredients for the salmon seasoning. We melted the butter and added the rest of the herbs, seasonings, and flavorings, all to our own taste.

The salmon was then lightly oiled to prevent sticking, then set on the hot grill. Immediately, we began brushing the marinade over the top half. After a few minutes, it was ready to turn over [very possible to do too soon, as the bottom needs to crisp enough before it won’t stick anymore]. The other side of the fillet was then brushed, and then we waited for it to cook all the way through. We were hesitant to move the fillet around much, or to flip it too often, since we knew the fish was tender, and we didn’t want our (predominantly butter) marinade to all get lost down the grates.

While the salmon was underway, we grilled our veggies. The romaine turned out fantastic! Just toast it slightly… you don’t want it to wilt too much. The heat does wonders for the taste of this leafy green. It brings out so much flavor, and it doesn’t seem to loose too much of it’s crisp. Peppers grilled are always awesome and will definitely be a staple in our house! The tomato and cucumber… eh. The cucumber definitely was not helped at all by the grilling process. It was pretty weird… I’m only including it in this recipe because we really did it. I’m not recommending you ever do the same.

That being said, once everything was assembled, it was AMAZING!!! Here are pictures to prove it…

Salmon… it was so good, but we didn’t get great grill marks on it. 😦

Our veggies. This little rack came in handy so the peppers and cucumbers didn’t fall down the grate. Maybe the cucumbers should have…

Our assembled meal. Delicious!

And that was our first day with our new grill. A great day it was!!!