Today was Opening Day for our beloved Cubbies. And it brought back a flood of memories I’d like to share…

Brian and I first started hanging out on our own without other mutual friends around about 5 years ago. One of the first times I took my homework up to his room so we could work together, he said something to me that changed the course of our relationship.

“Today is Opening Day. I will watch every Cub game I can. So you have a choice, you can either watch it with me and learn about the game or you can leave me alone for roughly two and half hours every televised game day.”

Man, it was a tough decision. I really detested sports in general and more than that I detested how much these players get paid to play a game all summer… But I figured that I might as well give it a try, because I wanted to spend every possible moment with this guy!

The first few games I watched were rough — I had no clue what was happening and who was doing what and blah, blah, blah… But then Brian started giving me really cool facts about the players. Derek Lee (my favorite Cub — even though he’s been traded) has a daughter who has a rare disease and there are players who donate parts of their ridiculous salaries to her foundation to help find a cure. What a great way to spend their money, huh? Carlos Zambrano (another traded Cub — although that trade NEEDED to happen) has a brother that he IM’s and as a result had some carpal tunnel issues. These little personal facts just got me hooked to this team.

And Brian was a good teacher — constantly quizzing me about players, teams, and different plays. And I was a diligent pupil — even sitting down with a score card and trying to play along. Unfortunately, the game I tried that ended up going something like 19 innings and I lost interest after about 5.

Needless to say, I got hooked on baseball… and more importantly, the Chicago Cubs. I got a nasty paper cut today, and guess what? I bleed Cubby Blue — true story!

Opening Day, more so than our technical “anniversary”, is really the day I consider as the start of our relationship. Opening Day is like a fresh start — it doesn’t matter how the team played last year or what Brian and I are currently dealing with… as of today, we started a new season.

And while I don’t think this will be the year the Baby Bears take it all, I have a feeling that it will be our season. I feel good things coming our way, and I’m so glad I have baseball to entertain me until it comes.

Oh, oh, oh! The other memory that came flooding into my mind today was our honeymoon! Here are some of our Wrigley Pictures. Included are pictures of our morning trip to Wrigley the day before our game, pictures of us enjoying the game itself, and pictures of our Wrigley Field TOUR (The picture of our feet… we weren’t supposed to be touching that special dirt!).

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