Happy Easter, Readers! Our weekend update will be a bit late this week as we are enjoying some much needed family time. I typed this up on Good Friday before we left for Lincoln, so don’t worry — it’s not taking away from quality family time. 🙂

I mentioned previously that I wanted to share some of the homily that Father Richard gave at the midnight Christmas Mass. St. Mary’s always does a beautiful job decorating for Christmas, and he commented that that is a theme of Christmas. People go all out with their decorations — trees, lights, tinsel, everything! And it’s easy to want to decorate and be festive because we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. And births are happy, joyous times, right? Right. We love to swoon over little babies and their little hands and little feet and their perfect little baby-ness. It’s easy to celebrate something so innocent, sweet, and happy.

But Easter comes along and you just don’t see the same excitement shown through decorations. Sure, you might throw up some window decals of bunnies or pull out your pastel tablecloths,  but how many people actually go all out for Easter? I know I don’t. Shoot, I didn’t even put up window decals and the only reason we have some cute Easter-y place mats is because they were a gift this year!

So why? What’s the difference? They are both very important holidays to Christians…

It’s simple. It’s hard to celebrate death. Even if it’s the death of our Savior. Dying is hard to deal with and it just doesn’t feel the same to go all out for something that we as humans can’t fully comprehend.

But that’s where I think God helps us out a little bit… Spring is the season of new life. While I agree with Fr. Richard that it’s hard to decorate for the death of our Savior, I also think that nature helps. It would be hard to not decorate for the birth of Jesus in the winter because winter has such a dull, dead, empty feeling. But in Spring, the grass is growing, the trees are blooming, and it’s just easier to rejoice in celebration that Jesus died for us. Do you think that Easter would have the same feeling if it wasn’t in spring? I don’t.

So no, I did not decorate to celebrate Easter, but I didn’t have to. Enjoying afternoons with the windows open, seeing the grass growing in our yard, seeing the trees start to blossom and bloom, that’s all I need to remind me of the reason for the season.

We may not be the most religious people you will ever meet, but we are so thankful in our heart for everything that God does —  including putting Easter in a season where new life is forming. So go! Hunt some Easter eggs, eat some ham, and rejoice in the fact that Jesus died for our salvation.

Happy Easter!  –The Mosers