I have failed at blogging! So much for weekend updates, craft projects, or recipes. I wish I could say that the reason I was gone for so long was because we were busy — which we were. But that’s not the entire truth.

The job search has been incredibly difficult for us. It’s been a struggle and challenge to find the good in life when such a big part of it feels like it’s going in a downward spiral! And that is hard to talk about… it already consumes most of our thoughts, and I didn’t want to complain about such a personal part of our lives. I wanted to be able to handle it ourselves.

And to be honest, we haven’t figured out what the future holds for us. But that’s why it’s the future… we just have to wait for it to happen. And I trust that something will come along for Brian and I that will be the right fit for next year. Maybe that’s a full time teaching job, and maybe it’s not. That does NOT mean we have failed. We just haven’t found the building where we fit. I say this like it’s an easy concept to grasp — but I  struggle with it on a daily basis!

What I know is this: I am meant to be a teacher and I will never give this dream up. And the same goes for Brian. So, we’ll take what we get and continue to find the good in life.

That being said, I’m back to blogging! I find it very relaxing and enjoy sharing our creations and adventures. And let’s face it… this isn’t a blog that is read by people all over the world. It’s our family and friends who mostly know this stuff anyway, right?

So, I’m back. Weekend updates, recipes, crafts, and book reviews. I think it’s going to stick this time. But understand if we don’t share much about what’s going on on the job front. It’s a lame part of life right now. And we have more exciting things to discuss!

See you tomorrow with a jam-packed update!