I have developed three addictions so far this summer:

1. Iced Tea — by far the least worrisome of my addictions. I’ve been brewing my own tea and it’s amazing! 🙂 But I get a horrible headache if I don’t have a tea before lunch. I now feel Brian’s pain… he is a major coffee addict and in the past I’ve dared him to go as long as he can without coffee. It was very cruel of me, and I see the error of my ways.

2. Sunflower Seeds — there is only one gas station chain that carries my brand of seeds… Spitz! I like them because they have less salt than other brands and the kernels are HUGE! And I can’t go without them… it started as just eating them in the car when we were out running errands, but then I brought a bag into the house… they are now my go to munch-on food. I hope I can break this habit soon!!!

3. Bingo Blitz on Facebook. I have sat down many a time to write weekend updates the last few weeks but decide that I would much rather play Bingo than blog. In fact, I think I’ve almost convinced Brian to actually take me somewhere in town that plays bingo so I can do it for real! Although I guess the healthy part of my Bingo Blitz addiction is that it only costs me time… not money!


That brings us to tonight: my tea has been finished, my seeds are hidden away, and my 5 free tournament games have been played. So I decided to sit down and blog. I honestly have a ton I want and intend to blog about, but for now you just get a sneak peek!

So here’s a list of things we’ve done this summer that are worth blogging about:

  • We helped welcome the newest member of the Weiss family! It’s been such a joy and privilege to be present at the birth of their three children. We have such an awesome bond with these three boys that I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about them sooner!
  • We celebrated our one-year anniversary. I want to share with you some of the things we learned about ourselves and each other over the last incredible year. Plus, celebrate the anniversary of our honeymoon trip to Chicago!
  • We’ve been reading a ton of books and visiting the library a lot! We love to read, and we love the *free* activities that the library has for adults this year. I’m in a reading slump right now (I just finished two great books and am properly mourning the loss of the characters from my life before I can start another book), but Brian is on a reading kick!
  • We have a garden!!! Our little patio has enough space for a topsy-turvy tomato plant, 6 pots of vegetables and herbs, and I think our little pot of flowers might actually have flowers and not weeds growing!
  • We’ve also been experimenting in the kitchen. We’re trying to find out what we can make ourselves that we usually would just buy at the store. So far, we’ve made home-made pasta three times (which inspired us to get an awesome attachment for our Kitchen-Aid Mixer). We bought dried beans instead of canned. And we’re trying to make some of our favorite desserts a little bit healthier!
  • We’re also trying to get healthy. Our Y membership is slowly starting to get a lot of use! And we’re trying to make better choices about what and how much we’re eating. We’ve been given an opportunity this summer to have the time to focus on US, and a part of that is getting in shape.
  • I don’t know if I’ll blog much about this, or if I’ll just pin my ideas. But I’ve started tutoring this summer for a little girl, and we are having a great time! I love creating lessons that are differentiated specifically to HER! I think Brian and I are both going to try to find more tutoring opportunities soon (so if you know of any leads, let us know!).


Oh my goodness! I blogged a lot more than I thought I would. I guess I’ll leave it at that and go brew my tea for tomorrow. And as always, please send your positive thoughts and prayers our way that we are lead to the place we are supposed to be for the next school year.