Today has been an “off” day. Not to be confused with a day off. You see, now that summer is here, Brian and I spend a lot more time together. Since we don’t sub, our only work is Cabela’s and we do that together!

We love being together and spending time with each other. There is a great amount of comfort just sitting across the room from him, not talking, just doing our own things.


I don’t know what’s wrong with today. I think it could have something to do with how our yesterday went. We helped a dear friend move from one apartment to a different apartment in the same complex… it was a pretty easy task, but definitely required lot more stair walking and lifting than we are used to. It was also horribly humid. Thankfully, the temperature wasn’t in the triple digits, but it still wasn’t a comfortable process.

Then for some reason when we got home and were ready to go to bed, neither of us could get comfortable or feel sleepy enough to actually fall asleep. And Netflix was down so we couldn’t watch a show on the tablet. And I thought it was like 5 AM already (it was 11:30) and I declared that I wanted to go to Daylight Donuts (in Kearney). Brian corrected me on the time and denied a trip to Kearney at 11:30, but said if I would drive, he would run in and get a donut from Wal-Mart. So, we did.

While I’ll save my horrifying people of Wal-Mart story for another day, I will tell you that the donuts were awesome and we did watch the very first episode ever made of The Simpsons. It almost felt like we were back in college!

And got up at the normal-ish Saturday morning time. But as I said earlier, we were both a little off.

I know I can’t blame our Friday night happenings for my mood today, but I really need to be kept on a strict sleep-schedule or I get as cranky as a toddler. And I don’t think Brian was having any of it today!

So we did our usual Saturday things, but I was snippy and constantly asked him what was wrong, because I could tell he was in a funk as well. It just created a lot of tension. We weren’t fun to be around.

Then we had to go to Red Mango for their grand opening (read: FREE fro-yo, not missing that for anything in the world, even some crankiness). And stop at a few other places. Finally, at our last stop, I felt like I was just going to fall over asleep. I demanded we leave the store immediately and get me laid down for a nap!

Ya know what? I couldn’t even close my eyes by the time my head hit my pillow. And I thought Brian was going to scream at me for complaining I needed sleep, then not being able to! But instead, we both just moved to different room and had some rest/alone time.

Then we went to pick up some things for dinner, and just walked around the store for a bit laughing and talking like nothing had been wrong all day.

So you see, our relationship with each other isn’t always “perfect.” But a day like today reminds me that we are PERFECT for each other because there’s no one else I’d rather spend a cranky day with. I know that as soon as we lay down tonight, sleep will come almost immediately and tomorrow will be a new adventure.