For my Facebook friends, skip this paragraph if you followed the conversation yesterday. If not… read on!

Brian is the class sponsor for the ninth graders this year. It’s a pretty neat system… he will be their sponsor until they graduate high school, then he’ll get a new batch of kiddos. Since he’ll be so involved with them, I asked if it would be okay if I helped out. He (and the five freshmen) loved the idea of having me involved!

Our main goal as a class is to raise a bunch of money to plan prom when they are juniors. But they weren’t too big on the idea of doing magazine sales or candles or wrapping paper. So we’ve had to think of creative fundraising ideas. That’s where they were lucky to have me involved! I came up with tons of ideas that none of them had thought of. The best and easiest idea was to hold a raffle for a “Dinner at the Moser’s” on the night of homecoming. I know that “city” kids go out to eat before dances, but there aren’t many options when the only thing open on Saturday night is the bar/grill.

So I thought that Brian and I could showcase our culinary prowess and create a fancy-schmancy dinner for four. The freshmen thought it was a great idea, the principal thought it was a great idea, and it didn’t take as much planning as the Halloween dance would have. Plus, all the money we raised was profit since we donated the food. Win-win.

We ended up selling $75 worth of tickets and the winning group was a group of four seventh graders. We handed out menus to each of them and let them choose which options they’d prefer.

Salad: House salad or Crunchy Asian Salad

Entree: Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo or Sauteed Porkloin with rice and a garlic-lemon sauce

Sides: Corn, Beans, Broccoli

Dessert: Dutch Apple Pie or Brownie ala Mode

We found out that Girl D wouldn’t be able to come, and Boy A, Girl B, Girl C all chose Fettuccine and Brownie. Score 1 for Brialynn — we didn’t have to prepare 2 different entrees or desserts!


So yesterday, we cleaned the living room, kitchen, and moved boxes out of the breakfast nook and put a table cloth on the table. Our guests were coming over at 6, so we started cooking at about 4. We would have started earlier, but we had to run to Litchfield’s little market to get a few last minute ingredients.

Brian turned on the heat in the house (we didn’t want them to be uncomfortable and cold!) and started making bread, I started prepping salads and setting our little table for three. All of a sudden it was 5:00 and I felt like we had so much to do! But in the next hour, we boiled the noodles, mixed the brownie batter, and did all the last minute stressing that gets done before a dinner party.

At 6:00, our guests arrived: Boy A, a different boy (who didn’t even go to Litchfield), and a different girl. And Boy A’s mom. Oh man! We’d prepared one entree and dessert! What happened if these two new guests didn’t like chicken alfredo or brownies?!?! And then we found out the mom was staying — which was fine, we had plenty of food. But our table is so small that I was worried about everyone fitting comfortably!

Our solution to the lack of options was simple: we didn’t make mention that there had been other options. We just went with what we had!

We served some flavored sparkling water (in wine glasses to add to the fancy-schmancy-ness) and salads, popped the brownies in the oven, and started our home made alfredo sauce. There wasn’t a lot of talking and it felt extremely awkward. But as we started to pass out entrees, the conversation started to liven up.

Then Brian burnt his finger, chipped a plate, and our sauce wasn’t thickening up. Panic! But, with some quick thinking and turning up the heat, everything smoothed back out again. By the time everyone had finished their entrees, dessert was ready.

Brian passed out some apple cider and I plated the brownies — topped them with ice cream and home made hot fudge.

By the end of the meal, we had four stuffed guests who kept saying thank you for the wonderful meal. We almost got Boy A to do our dishes!!!

The kids ran around outside while Boy A’s mom chatted with us for a bit. Then they headed off to the school, we ate supper, kind of picked up the kitchen, watched about 20 minutes of the horrible Husker game, and then headed to the homecoming coronation ceremony.

We were proud speech parents when two of our speech kids won King and Queen!

Finally, Brian and I headed home and completely crashed! I’m so thankful that we were able to do such a fun thing for our Freshmen and for our lucky winner and his friends, but man… it was a tiring day!

But we better get used to it. I have a feeling this won’t be the last time we host a “Dinner at the Moser’s”!