Wow. October 7, 2012 was a long time ago! So much has happened since then. I don’t know why I got out of blogging. I’d like to say it was purely because I was busy… but it’s also because it just got too hard to keep up with.

I think now, we have a pretty good reason to keep this thing updated. But I have ten months worth of news to share before we get to that…

October 2012

  • I turned 25.
  • I started coaching the one-act team. It was a great experience. I loved working with the other director and I ADORED bonded with our student actors.
  • We had trick-or-treaters!!! It was so much fun to have kiddos actually knock at our door!

November 2012

  • We did much better in one-act than we thought we would… I was so proud of all the hard work our students put in!
  • We spent Thanksgiving with our family — something we just love getting to do. We went to North Platte to celebrate at Grandma Alyce’s house. Then we came home and my family came over… it was pretty fun to host a major holiday!
  • It was a pretty mild November if I remember correctly — which is something I super appreciated!

December 2012

  • I started having daily headaches that increased to daily migraines. More on that “next month”…
  • We went to Wyoming to help my grandparents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary and Christmas.
  • Speaking of Christmas, we spent most of winter break traveling. We went to Mahoney State Park to celebrate with the Moser family. Then to Dannebrog to celebrate with the Stantons. Then we made our way to Wyoming before getting to spend a few days at home before we went back to school. Whew! I forgot how tired that made me!

January 2013

  • A new year! To be honest, I don’t remember where we were as the year turned… but I bet we had a good time.
  • Back to the headaches. My regular doctor went from thinking the headaches were hormone related to being worried there was something else wrong. So we went to have some tests done that came back all clear… a blessing and a curse. It was nice to know that I didn’t have a tumor or lesion or any other scary House, M.D. disease. But, it meant I still had headaches every day and we didn’t know why.
  • At the end of the month, my neurologist was finally able to see me. He did a neurological exam which showed something was off when he looked into my right eye. Whatever it was he saw was an indicator that I could have too much spinal fluid building up in my brain. So I was rushed to the hospital where I had a lumbar puncture. MY CSP (cerebral spinal fluid) topped out at 25. So they removed about 20 cc’s. It was crazy. As soon as they started removing the extra CSP, I INSTANTLY felt relief. The tests on the CSP came back clean. The neurologist diagnosed me with idiopathic intracranial hypertension. Essentially, my body produces too much spinal fluid and no one knows why. The symptoms: constant headaches, elevated blood pressure, and a risk of other nasty things. The cure: who knows?!?! They put me in on a medication that would keep my csp levels in check. And the medication worked! I’ve been essentially headache free since February 6.
  • Oh… also, our speech season started! We were pretty much busy every Saturday until mid-March. Our kiddos were great.

February 2013

  • We spent our first Mason City Valentine’s day going to the local diner (which is now closed…) and then just hanging out at home. Instead of gifts, we sent each other love notes throughout the day via email/text messages. Totally OUR style. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • More speech meets.
  • We hosted our conference tournament after two snow days and a weekend. Stressful much? OH YEAH!
  • No headaches.
  • I finally started feeling like I have a LIFE again!!!

March 2013

  • We sent TWO girls to State Speech in THREE events! This was the first time Litchfield has had a presence at State Speech in the last eight years. We were amazed and SO proud.
  • Here’s what I had to say about our season for the paper/year book/awards night:”The Speech Team traveled 944.4 miles to 7 different cities, hosted the Loup Valley Conference tournament, won 11 medals, 3 ribbons, had 2 state qualifiers in 3 events, stopped at 7 different ice cream establishments, petted two zebras, not to mention several other stuffed wild species.

    As first-year coaches, we see the season as a great success and we were so lucky to have 10 great high-school students and 6 spectacular junior-high students to work with. We look forward to next year!”

  • We bought two baby chicks and all the necessary chick equipment! I wish I would have blogged about how this all went down, but suffice it to say, we were crazy… and SO lucky it worked out!

April 2013

  • Raising the first two chicks, Yellow and Stripey, went so well that we decided to get TWO MORE!!!
  • The new chicks, Oreo and Rollie, were much more feisty than the first two… So we had to deal with that… ๐Ÿ˜›

May 2013

  • We “built” a chicken coop… okay, we assembled one that we bought… And moved the baby chicks outside!
  • We started a garden! 25’X25′ … SO MUCH PRODUCE!!! LOVE IT!!!
  • SCHOOL’S OUT FOR THE SUMMER!!! I’m so proud of Brian’s first year of teaching… he did such a great job and I know he’ll do even better this year. I’m proud ofย myself for making through my year of craziness — subbing, coaching, after school program, and anything else I was asked to do. My first year of subbing didn’t leave me feeling great, but last year I finally felt like I was an actual part of something.

June 2013

Get ready… this month is EXCITING!!!!

  • We celebrated our two year anniversary on June 4. It was a laid back day for the most part — a good dinner, movies, new cotton towels!
  • Two days later, I had a POSITIVE pregnancy test!?!?!?! WHAT? For real life? I guess we’ll give it a few days and see…
  • After the weekend, I had a blood pregnancy test at the clinic right before we left for our anniversary trip to Chicago.
  • We rode the megabus to Chicago, had an absolutely lovely time with Amanda, Brandon, and Chloe, and ate So. Much. Pizza!!!
  • We got home and a few weeks later, we had our first ultrasound to see our little baby. At that time, it looked like a blob… A blob with a HEARTBEAT!!!
  • We told Brian’s family the Saturday of Father’s Day weekend, and my family the Monday after Father’s Day. Everyone was so overjoyed for us. It was such a special time for Brian and I… I’ll never forget the reactions we received from our families when we shared the great news.

July 2013

  • We start selling produce and homemade pizza crust at the Mason City Farmer’s Market. While we don’t make a TON of money from it, it’s great to know that the produce we can’t eat isn’t just wasted. Plus, it’s fun to spend time with people from our little town.
  • Two words: Morning. Sickness.
  • We went to two weddings. One for a high school friend of mine — the wedding was lovely and it was so great to see her so incredibly happy. The other, a family friend of Brian’s… the wedding was unlike any we’d ever been to. It was an absolutely perfect statement of their individuality and true love for each other.
  • Oh! THEN we directed the Mason City’s first annual Children’s Play!!! It was well-received and our kiddos (grades 2-9) were GREAT! It’s definitely an activity we’ll continue to do in the future. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • We also finally realized that out of FOUR chickens, we only had ONE hen and THREE roosters. Needless to say, we gave one rooster away (Oreo) and will eventually get rid of another (Rollie) as soon as he gets too aggressive.
  • Speaking of chickens… Yellow (the only hen) is laying eggs! Although right now, she’s sitting on one that we can’t get to so we’ll probably have a chick eventually (hopefully!).

August 2013

  • We took another trip. This time to Minnesota with Brian’s family for a reunion. It was a LONG, but well-worth it, trip.
  • Finally, all our grandparents knew that we were expecting a new baby… so, we were able to make it “facebook official”
  • I am exactly 12 weeks today. Due February 18. And SO ready to be done with the first trimester! I’ll do a better post in a day or so.
  • Brian started back to school today: two days of a workshop, then next week we’ll start the real thing!

…I guess that catches us up to the present.

When I started this blog, I had a feeling it would eventually become a baby blog. Now that it’s happening, it still feels surreal. But we are incredibly happy with this new adventure, our new town, and our lives in general. I’m hoping that I can keep this blog up and going. I want to remember this time in our lives. We are seriously happy with every aspect of our little world right now… It may be boring to some, but it’s worth remembering for us!