Well… it’s time I start recording some of the pregnancy memories/milestones, huh?

I think the fact that we are going to have a baby is FINALLY sinking in for both of us. I mean, it still boggles our minds most days — but we’re not feeling worried or scared anymore. Just excited and nervous for the unknown. I think those are normal feelings…

Symptoms: I was very sick during my first trimester — we’re talking constant nausea, no appetite, just sickly all the time. Oh, and I had ZERO energy! Thankfully, the morning all day sickness has subsided. I have an appetite, I’m not ALWAYS tired. Now I’m only tired about 60% of the time!

I’m starting to feel round ligament pains, especially when I sneeze. And my lower back is starting to hurt.

Sleeping is uncomfortable — thankfully, I made an awesome U-shaped pillow that will hopefully make sleeping a little more comfortable. It doesn’t help that I wake up about 2-4 times a night to use the bathroom. During the first trimester, I had insomnia pretty badly. Now, I can usually get back to sleep after I get up. About once or twice a week, though, I will wake up and just won’t be able to fall back to sleep!!

Another symptom — that’s kind of weird — is that my nose is a mess! I thought it was all allergy related. But all my pregnancy apps brought it up last week. When you’re pregnant, you have an increased blood supply. A side-effect to that is your nasal membranes can get inflamed — causing nosebleeds and/or stuffy nose. BINGO! My stuffy nose isn’t JUST because of allergies already this season, it’s just because I’m pregnant!

Cravings: This is about the second week that I’ve had the same cravings — so I think they’re the real deal! I feel like I NEED – not just want – cheese! Sharp cheddar, please. And the other day, I just begged the lunch ladies to let me have two chocolate milks with lunch. Also, yogurt sounds delicious. These are kind of strange cravings because I don’t like cold cheese… and I never just drink milk to drink milk. Yogurt has always been a hit or miss food for me, but lately, I can’t get enough!!!

I’m also hungry for cherry tomatoes and sweet peppers — fortunately for Brian and I, those are the two veggies that are still producing well in our garden!

Now in addition to all these healthy foods, I just have to have Butterfingers. We finally invested in big bags of mini-Butterfingers. Usually, one little bar satisfies my chocolate needs, so that’s better than needing a whole candy bar!

Our Baby:  It’s crazy to think about how big our baby is right now. (We first saw our baby at 6 weeks when baby was just a fetal pole and a flickering heartbeat. Then again at 8 weeks when it had a head and body and tiny little leg and arm nubbins. We got a glimpse of it at 12 weeks — it looked like a real little baby!!! We thought it was big then, but the doctor told us that it was still super small and that we were really going to be amazed when it was born!)

Baby is about 5 inches long and weighs about 6 oz. (My baby apps compare it to a sweet potato!) Baby is busy busy busy growing — and pumping 25 quarts of blood a day! Baby’s ears are starting to form and it can hear sounds now. Apparently loud sounds will startle it. We make sure to talk to baby. I can’t wait to watch Lion King a million times so it knows it word for word like Daddy!

Next Appointment: October 3rd, I have a monthly check up with my OB. They’ll draw some blood, listen to the heartbeat, and at this appointment, I’ll have to take an early glucose test. I’m kind of dreading that… but I know it’s something that needs to be done.

Then, on October 12th, we have a pretty exciting appointment. Because of my Intercranial Hypertension, my OB wants me to see the high-risk doctor for my anatomy ultrasound. This way, we’ll get another opinion on how to proceed with my IH in the last half of my pregnancy. My OB has some concerns right now about labor and delivery, so we want as many opinions as we can have! PLUS… the high-risk OB has better ultrasound equipment and does a more thorough exam to ensure everything is OK with baby. HOPEFULLY, (and the doctor keeps telling us that you can never be 100% sure on gender until the baby is born, but…) we should be able to see if we’ll be parents to a little son or daughter. EEEK!!!

Best part of the week: When I lay on my left side at night, I can feel Baby fluttering around. The last few days, I’ve even be able to feel it at other times during the day (usually around 2:00). It’s kind of a crazy thing. I can’t wait until I’m able to feel real kicks, and I KNOW Brian is anxious to be able to feel them, too!