As of today, I’m 20 weeks, 1 day into this pregnancy. It was an awesome experience to go into my pregnancy app today and see that baby’s gestational age is 20 weeks, 1 day and the countdown to d-day is 19 weeks, 6 days!

I can not believe that I am halfway through this pregnancy. It seems like just yesterday we found out we were expecting. It felt like it took forever to get to the point where we could share our news with family and friends — those were a few weeks that took forever! But now… now I’m halfway there. In about 20 weeks, we’ll have a real-life little baby in our home. Mind blowing!!!

Symptoms: This has been the best week of my pregnancy so far! I’ve felt really good. I’ve had enough energy to get me through an entire day (although then I’m exhausted!) and I’ve been able to eat when I want to! And, I haven’t struggled with my allergies this week!

I still have times where I struggle with sleeping — it’s getting increasingly more difficult to find a comfortable sleeping spot. And that’s even after I made a huge u-shaped body pillow to snuggle up to! (I have a feeling that it’s only going to get worse for the next 20 weeks!) Another thing that’s bothersome — I’m constantly warm. I know it’s a standard pregnancy symptom, but I hate, hate, hate feeling warm! I would much rather be cold and have to warm up with blankets and sweaters.

Cravings: FOOD! On Saturday, I felt like I was going to cry if I didn’t have a donut. But mostly, I just feel hungry all. the. time! It’s a good thing that (besides donuts) I’ve been hungry for watermelon, cheese, yogurt, and garden veggies!

Our Baby: This baby likes to wiggle. I don’t feel hard kicks/jabs yet, but I do feel regular flutters that are getting stronger every day. 

Also, our favorite baby app told us that this week, our baby will be getting eyebrows and eyelashes. (To which Brian said, “Aww… those are going to be the cutest eyebrows and eyelashes ever!)

Until now, baby has been measured from head to rump, but now baby is going to be stretching out more and gets to be measured from head to foot! So when I say that my baby went from 6 inches to 10 inches, it’s not all growth, just a change in how baby gets measured! Baby is now the size of a banana! — a precious, adorable banana!

Next Appointment: Thursday, we go to the OB to have a check-up. I’m so excited to hear the baby’s heartbeat (which by the way is getting strong enough to be heard with just a stethoscope! … if only we had one)! Although people keep reassuring me that the glucose test isn’t horrible it’s still something I’m not really looking forward to.

Last week, we had the BEST appointment with my neurologist. My OB expressed some concern about how to proceed with the rest of my pregnancy and labor and delivery because of my intracranial hypertension. But my neurologist had some great advice and we started to get a game plan of what we can do if I experience more daily headaches. It was also so reassuring to hear him say that he didn’t know much about the labor and delivery process and would work closely WITH my OB to make sure I have the best experience I can. He could have just made up answers, but he admitted that this isn’t something he’s used to and is WILLING to find out so that I’m not miserable.

Best part of the week:  Last Wednesday, our furniture came in! So now we officially have a real kitchen table and a modest living room set for the main floor living room. Okay, so I know this doesn’t SOUND baby related, but it totally is! We’ve been waiting for a year to get our floors finished so we could finish purchasing furniture. When we found out we were expecting, we knew that we wanted to get the floors finished and the furniture moved in before we even started to think about getting the big items for baby. Now that we have everything arranged, we can officially start looking at cribs, rocking chairs, swings, bouncy seats, car seats, and strollers.  — Any advice on what to look for is greatly appreciated!