Well, folks. Tomorrow is the big day. We have our 21 week ultrasound and should have an opportunity to find out the gender of this precious little baby.

While Brian and I truly have no preference as to baby boy or baby girl, we are just excited for this to seem even more real. (Plus, I can’t WAIT to shop for clothes and blankets and all those fun things!)

So today, we had our students and staff make their guesses. Up for grabs: A HErSHEy bar for one lucky person who guessed correctly!

IMG_20131011_130532_206The final tally was 19 for boy, 29 for girl. (Plus one punk who thought he could cheat the system by putting a half blue/half pink circle ON the line… Just to increase his odds to win the candy bar!)


SO… what’s your guess? Handsome baby boy Moser? Sweet baby girl Moser?

Take your vote. Leave a comment with your name and answer, and if you’re correct, we’ll send you (a picture) of a HErSHEy bar!