So, I’ve been starting posts for weeks. I’ll get partly through one and think of something I need to do and then a week will go by and everything I wrote will be out of date. So I start over, and then the same thing happens.


That, up there… that’s my point exactly. I started that on January 12. Now, It’s February 9.

My last pregnancy update on this lovely piece of interwebs was from 31 weeks. I’m now 38 weeks, 5 days. Blog fail, am I right?!

So what’s kept me so busy? (Well, busy and full of pregnancy brain, but the latter is self-explanatory.)

The Holidays – Christmas was great this year. We spent Christmas Eve in North Platte with the Moser family and Grandma Alyce. We spent late Christmas Eve/early Christmas Day in Mason City at our little house. And then the rest of Christmas Day in Dannebrog with the Stanton family. We were blessed to receive such thoughtful gifts for us and our little baby. And, I think we did a good job of giving gifts this year — that’s always been my favorite part. I don’t often mind when we don’t receive lists from those we need to shop for. It gives us a chance to really think about what we want to give our family members. I think we nailed it this year.

Then Brian and I rang in 2014 in our own subtle style. We splurged on shrimp and crab legs, made fruit pizza, and bruschetta. We watched a movie until almost midnight, then played Scrabble. At the stroke of midnight, we enjoyed a lovely glass of bubbly — no… not champagne… just some good ol’ sparkling grape juice. Then, we went to bed. Totally our style and a great way to spend our last moments of 2013 — one of the craziest years of our lives — and the first moments of 2014 — a year that has so much to offer!

School – School started back and Brian’s been getting ready for State Testing and reading novels and doing all sorts of awesome teacher-y things. I finished up subbing for the pre-school teacher while she was on maternity leave. My favorite quote from pre-school…

We were learning about the letter E. The letter e says eh, eh, eh, like an engine trying to go up a hill. One day, a little guy said to me, “Mrs. Moser! Mrs. Moser! Sometimes when you’re going to the bathroom and you have to poop, you say EH, EH, EH to help get it out!” I laughed so hard. It was great! Always good to know that our little ones are making school to life connections.

Speech – This has by far been the most time consuming part of the last month! We’re in full tournament swing. This was our only weekend off until mid-March-ish. Our little team is growing! We’re consistently taking 6-8 girls to tournaments. They are all doing great! We’ve come home with some medals and ribbons — but most importantly, our ladies make improvement every week. Brian and I will be missing the next tournament, but I have faith our girls will be just fine! But, secretly, I’ll miss them. I love to watch their confidence grow from week to week. Our varsity members are doing a great job of coaching, supporting, and helping our freshmen members. I have a feeling that next year, our team will be so great!!! And the rest of this year, I see a lot of success for everyone!

Baby – We had three baby showers. One with family, one with friends, and one with the lady teachers at school. We were blessed with so many awesome gifts for baby girl Moser. She’s going to be so loved! She has a ton of awesome clothes, hopefully enough diapers for at least a couple weeks, and SO MANY BOOKS!!! We are beyond excited to meet this little lady and let her meet all of the wonderful people who care about her!

Speaking of baby… tomorrow, I will post a 39 week update! So look forward to that!