Important Dates:

2006 — The year we both graduated high school and started at UNK. It was during our fall semester that we first met and were totally uninterested in each other. But one day, Brian turned down Jeralynn’s famous coconut cream AND pecan pies. Jeralynn was baffled that anyone would say no to free food, and that sparked an interest for her. Her conquests to learn more about the mysterious boy at the front desk turned out to be the best thing she ever did!

April 6, 2007 — The day that over the phone, we admitted that we really missed each other and that we wanted to spend more time together.

May 7, 2010 — MOVE OUT DAY! After 4 years living in the same dorm, we said goodbye to the building one last time… but not before Brian popped the question! Jeralynn was so tired of packing and moving that she didn’t want to stop and spend one last moment in our special spot in the basement of Stout Hall. Reluctantly, she sat down, only to be blown out of her seat by the question that Brian asked. To this day, she doesn’t remember if she ever actually said “YES” when Brian said “Would you marry me?”

June 4, 2011 — Our Wedding Day! It was the most amazing day of our lives — we were so glad to be surrounded by so much love. Our family and friends will never truly understand how important they were in making the beginning of our marriage such a joyous occasion.






Coffee for Brian and Tea for Jeralynn

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